East Coast/West Coast Workshops!

East Coast/West Coast Workshops!

2-Day Storytelling & Compositing Workshop in Fieldsboro/Princeton, NJ on June 13 & 14

This 2-day, 16 hour workshop goes through the ins and outs of finding your personal style, voice and story while applying creative techniques for shooting and editing. From inspiration exercises to five hours of shooting in a beautiful (and potentially haunted) location, to a full editing session and business lecture, we’ll go over how to be inspired to shoot creative scenes, edit those scenes, and potentially sell them as well.

Cost: $975 per person. Breakfast and lunch is included for the first day and lunch for the second day.

This class will…

– Provide exercises for inspiration and style building
– Show many different creative shooting techniques
– Focus on storytelling as a way to identify style and sell your work
– Provide a full editing tutorial
– Give an in-depth look at image compositing
– Give a  business foundation for selling art work

Please check the website to download an information packet with full schedule or to sign up!

1-Day Business Workshop in Phoenix, AZ on June 28, 2014

This 8 hour workshop takes the mystery out of business. From the art of selling photography to marketing, branding, social media, pricing, and style building, we will go over how to take your business up a notch by becoming more self-aware and constructively critical of your brand.

When I started photography seriously at the beginning of 2009 I thought I had picked up a fun hobby. One year later, no one was more surprised than I was to find I was quitting my job to pursue photography full time. One year after that, as I predicted, I had the beginnings of a business but no cash flow whatsoever. Things had to change, and I started to take a serious look at who I was as a photographer and how that translated into business. My business has been growing each year, and now that I feel secure that my business can support my lifestyle, I want to pass on what I’ve learned to you.

Cost: $475 per person. Breakfast and lunch is included in price. Prepared notes will be given to each attendee to take home regarding best business practices.

This class will…

– Present exercises for finding your style and branding that style
– Analyze marketing strategies
– Conduct an overhaul on social media to see what really works
– Take the mystery out of pricing
– Offer 1-1 meetings for building your business
– Clearly outline goals and deadlines for the success of your business
– Discuss best business strategies for saving time and increasing productivity

Please check the website to download an information packet with full schedule or to sign up!



10 thoughts on “East Coast/West Coast Workshops!

  1. SOOOOOOOOOOO wish I could go, but alas a little too far to travel and I’ll have just gotten back from two trip in quick succession, but it is at the top of my bucket list to attend at least one of your stellar workshops! I am sure you will fill them up in no time <3 and feel the love 😉

  2. How I would love to be there and attend your workshops. Not only I would learn, but certainly I spend a enjoyable and funny days. It should be spectacular and gorgeous. Be ok. 🙂

  3. Brooke do you think that you will still be doing one in the fall East Coast? That is the one that I am waiting for. I WILL go to that one. I have been planning on it since the last fall!.

    1. Hi Jeff! That I’m not sure of. I think that this NJ workshop will be my last traditional workshop of the year, but I haven’t completely decided. Eee I’m sorry! I wish I could be more help. But as of now, this is the last one I’m planning for the year, aside from select 3-5 day retreats. 🙂

  4. Retreats! I can’t make the NJ workshop, it overlaps with my alone vacation =(
    but by golly- I will make myself able to get to one of your retreats! Saving up and keeping my ear to the ground for that one. I’ll even bring treats!

  5. How much prior experience/knowledge should I have before attending a workshop? Particularly regarding editing tools? Absolutely love your work and am inspired by it!


    1. Hi Kelsey! Very minimal experience is required, and by that I mean it is good to know how to open Photoshop and generally what layers are. Otherwise, my methods are to use quite basic tools in various unique ways 🙂 I’d love to have you at a workshop! xo!

  6. I would like to attend your NJ workshop and I have paid for it.. is there anything else that I need to do to confirm my attendance?
    Very excited btw!!

  7. Hi Brooke, I would like like to attend one of your workshops, I live in Madrid, Spain, I wonder if there will be a chance you come around…thanks!!!

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