My Life In Non-Professional Photos

My Life In Non-Professional Photos

I recently dumped all of my phone pictures onto my computer and that had me looking at the last couple years of my life. What I noticed was that I had a lot of pictures of other people and things and places, and it was lovely to look at those things again. Yet I had also taken the obligatory “selfie” every now and again, and found that in doing so, I could remember feelings so clearly and vividly. It felt really good to relive those emotions.

Why not be silly and serious and everything in between and share parts of ourselves that we usually don’t?Β Share a picture with me that is fun or meaningful, or a story. Because so much of what we do is, literally, what we do that it is easy to forget that we are so much more…the ridiculous and the happy and the sad, the things we’re made of.

I take Humphrey with me everywhere I can when I travel, because what is more comforting than a fluffy (and slightly evil) hippo?
My first day living in a new town.
My first day living in a new town.
Seriously though. My husband purchased a small Weeping Angle figurine and put it at the top of our stairs where I can’t reach it, and every time I walk up or down the stairs I stare at it and run.
My mom and I before a film premiere getting ready in a public bathroom…like the classy women we are.
Over the years my clothes have become baggier and more…elderly.
More Doctor Who…Adipose cupcakes!
Dirtiest human in the world.
Dirtiest human in the world.
Also, ridiculous.
Also, ridiculous.
Must have cat photos…all the time.
Being silly in Nice, France.


Always roadtripping :)
Always roadtripping πŸ™‚
Night falling on the sand dunes.
Rainy from an amazing shoot where I felt like I had a new life flowing through me.
A sunny picnic that I’ll remember forever.
A rare visit home with my mom and my friend.
An insatiable love for clouds…for Mother Earth and the power that comes with giving yourself to the dirt.
Yoga and meditation in my back yard as the sun rises.
After swimming in a local creek.
Not even a clue who snapped this…sleeping in my down time on a hectic trip.
Love this girl, my Ghanyma.
Love this girl, my Ghanyma.
My new kitty, loving her and all living things.

10 thoughts on “My Life In Non-Professional Photos

  1. Adorable <3 Thank you for sharing these! I've really come to love the photographs I capture with my phone. I've been taking at least one image a day for years with it… to remind myself to look for something beautiful every day. Simple, no pressure little time capsules of my life to treasure. And yes, many many many photos of my cat πŸ˜‰

  2. This is so beautiful! Only now I know the importance of taking random photos and selfies of the precious moments we live. I don’t have practically any photos of my childhood and younger years and I regret it so much. I’ll consider taking more random photos like that to look at them in the future and relive those moments. Thank you for continuing to inspire me every day.

  3. Thank you for sharing of your personal life Brooke. I don’t do selfies and share in public. It’s very rare that images of me turn out in a nice way. I typically look like a gremlin in selfies or even images other people take. But, recently, on a picnic with my husband and four legged child. We couldn’t fit Misa in… she wouldn’t sit still. You can see picnic here:

    See Misa’s album here:

    Again, thanks for sharing.

  4. Is a great honor to have the privilege to see these personal photos. I love the first one, since gives me a good energy, peace and tranquility. I also like the third, by your look that shows that life is beautiful and it is worth to live. And I love, love, the photo of the picnic, because we can see in your eyes that was important to you. And the fact that you share with us, is very lovely of you. <3

  5. Brooke how awesome seeing these personal photos! I’ve been so busy with summer and getting ready for the new school year with Lillian that I haven’t had time to write or check out your blog lately! I decided to step back from my career for a bit and to home school and raise my kiddos, getting into more ‘lifestyle’ portraits with clients and I’ve had a huge creative block in me for a few months now for my fine art πŸ™ I’ve done all the exercises in your book and still cannot get over it. I don’t know what the deal is.
    Anyways I’m happy to read you are doing well and thanks for the personal photo shares! πŸ™‚

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