Promoting Passion 2016 Recap

Promoting Passion 2016 Recap

There are mountains of words that I can see in the distance spilling over one another like an avalanche. They move in slow motion as I stand far away but I know that up close they tumble like a frantic waterfall pushing dead leaves over the edge. I am moving toward it, scared of being trapped under it, wondering if I’ll suffocate or break free. This is how I feel in the aftermath.

Promoting Passion 2016 has just ended. I road tripped home for two days when it came to a close and this is my first day settling into my new self. Have you ever attended an event that changed you so utterly? My inside are breathing heavy. They want to break free from my body. I want to let them.

To be moved and to move. To hold close and look strangers in the tears. To know that you are the same and different. To embrace those similarities and differences. This is what the Promoting Passion Convention has been to me. For three days myself and 140 other creatives gathered in a castle in between red rocks and Aspens to commune. We attended workshops where we were filled with courage to let our creativity break free. We listened to lectures where we were empowered by other people’s stories. We partook in panel discussions where silly anecdotes turned into magical handouts of permission to be ourselves. We took pictures, we made pictures, we wrote stories and we told stories. We were like one moving body and 140 moving minds, working together to inform each individual of the life that could be waiting.

Planning the event was hard work made easier from knowing that my dream is to inspire. Attending the event was more confronting than I imagined. I found myself asking the difficult questions, like: How do I move on from the superficial creating process to the soul-burning way of making art that makes me genuinely uncomfortable? What do I want to say? What do I need to say? How do I need to say it?

I am home now with so many new paths lined up. I don’t know which I’ll take or if I will take a different one. What I know is this: they are clear to me now when before there were walls. I will move forward in my bravery unlike any other time in my life. I will strike my chord on the greatest journey.

Thank you to the moving speakers who made our attendees dance and squirm: Alejandro Molina, Joel McKerrow, Amy Parrish, Jess Catorc, Ksenia Anske, Lindsay Adler, and Joel Grimes.

Thank you to our sponsors who made the event possible: White House Custom Color, Zeiss, X-Rite, and Spider Holster.

Behind the Scenes images by Kim Winey.

Until next year, my friends. 

11 thoughts on “Promoting Passion 2016 Recap

  1. I was so sorry to not make it there…..but so happy to see others going over the moon and back. Brooke you are such a force of nature. This world would be a happier place if it had more energy like that is generated by PPC.

  2. I will be back next year. Nothing could keep me away. Fear made me a lurker at the 2016 PP, but I am kicking back at it now and I will be bolder. I may even speak up in a group…who knows??? Thank you, Brooke!

  3. Such an incredible experience! I think everyone that wants to become a better artist and person while being surrounded by awesome supportive people absolutely needs to go!! Thank you Brooke!

  4. Driving back home the slow scenic way has been amazing. Before PPC, a dust storm blanketing the road ahead was frightening, this time I saw beauty in it. I found peace watching the combines harvest the fields in South Dakota. I watched in awe as the wind peeled golden leaves from the poplars in Minnesota. Tonight I am sleeping beside Lake Superior, the sound of waves lapping against the shore quiets me.
    Maybe my senses are just sharper after PPC. I don’t know. I am just enjoying the feeling.

  5. Camille Ana and I were terribly disappointed in not being able to Promote Passion with all of you lovely inspiring creatives. We will strive to coordinate things in order to gather with you next year! I feel it will be a great adventure for Camille Ana and I as we continue with our life long education in persuit of knowledge and happiness. I sails some Hail Marys for the convention to be. A success and that you would be cradled is a warm, safe, and nurturing environment. It t seems that your experience was amazing! Bravo!

  6. I so wanted to be there. 🙁 Next time it is going to happen! 🙂
    Do you still hold a gathering in France?

  7. I feel so fortunate to have attended this year’s event. I’ve met so many wonderful and talented people, and can’t wait to reconnect again next year.

  8. I was in Brooke’s workshop at Promoting Passion and wondered when we would receive the editing notes from her composition. I signed up on a second piece of paper as the first went missing at that time. Just wanted to make sure I could get the follow-up information.

    Thanks so much for your help.

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