Promoting Passion Video Blog: Speed Edit

Promoting Passion Video Blog: Speed Edit

This picture felt very personal to me because of how I felt as though I was creating a scene from my dreams. How often I think of getting lost in a forest of purple leaves. And then to create this video felt like pure magic for me – a visual representation of that space coming to life, with music that I wish I could walk around to constantly in my life. And in fact, since putting this video together, I often do.

Isn’t int incredible how much we can do? I haven’t scratched the surface of what could be done to bring my imagination to life, and thinking about the possibilities makes me giddy with excitement. I can go out and create something singlehandedly that could express what words cannot. I say “I” selfishly as I write on my own blog, but of course I mean that to extend to all people with any craft. Photography allows me a medium in which I feel comfortable working. But I believe that anything in life that allows you to feel complete and understood is an art form.

Creating this image was fun and simple. I love pictures like that. No crazy setup (aside from dragging all of these vines into an abandoned seminary). No strange Photoshop work of putting body parts together. No flying girls or anything “fancy”. Just a girl standing trapped (or maybe willingly blended) into the scene. It felt, to me, the right kind of simple for what I wanted to say.

What does your fantasy world look like? If you could wake up and see anything, hear anything, smell anything…what would it be? Do you work to create that reality?

You can watch the creation process of this image, and some of the editing slowed down, on my creativeLIVE class “Master Your Craft” – you can look at both of my cL classes in the STORE on this blog.

Special thanks to Jane Love for modeling, Nikoma Souza for hair/makeup, and the whole creativeLIVE team for just plain being amazing and allowing me to do this.


16 thoughts on “Promoting Passion Video Blog: Speed Edit

  1. Wow – I think mine would look like a medieval castle complex, but with a lot of acreage of forests and lakes and nature that I would explore. I would love to create it, but I think in this day and age that might not be doable! LOL So I guess I will have to settle for traveling to places which might have that (Europe) – time to win the lottery! 🙂

    1. Oh gosh I love that…I want to join your world!!! One day, let’s go together in search of just such a place and create until we drop!

    2. I am totally down with that Brooke! That would tie into my fantasy life, where I wander the lands and create whenever I am inspired and never have to worry about food or shelter because it would just be there for me! 😉

  2. Watching that video, with the music you chose, makes me feel like I want to live in your world. It is absolutely beautiful.
    There are tiny things you do that might seem so subtle but they add so much to the picture. It’s always mindblowing to see you editing.

    My dream world would probably be a mashup between Victorian, haunted circus, and dark burlesque. I just find that so beautiful.
    But also, I love nature especially forests. Unfortunately we don’t have any here, but I found a park with lots of trees that would do for now (until I travel the world!). I feel so at peace when I imagine being in a forest, right after it rains. I can almost smell it.
    And something I’ve had in mind for years is a cabin by the beach in montauk, NY, when it snows. I saw the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (my favorite movie) a few years ago and the beach scene just stuck with me, I feel like I need to be there, it’s my happy place.
    And now I realized I have too many fantasy worlds :p

    1. Hi Amani, I think the closest to a forest tht we can find in this region would be Sir Bani Yas island. 🙂

  3. I dream of my fantasy world every day, I pray for it!
    One where compassion & empathy reigns.
    Where animals and people are not brutalized, tortured, exploited & neglected (that pains me so much).
    Where the air smells of lavender, puppy fur, warm bread and the wind after a storm.
    One where I can hear my mother practicing her vocal scales downstairs through some quality rock music…..(God rest her)

    I work rescuing animals as much as I can, I have a house-full lol

  4. Wow Brooke. I need to start a self Ps training regiment! Every day I don’t is another day I have no idea how to complete 1 of the 200 steps you took to create this.
    Starting tomorrow. Every day. No matter what. I’m alotting at least an hour to it.
    To answer your question though, I’d awake in a world of color. A world where the cliches of days present are gone and people exist without fear of themselves or others. A world where every new corner we turn is filled with amazing beauty and a drive for adventure. A world where we do not create art….we live in it.

  5. My fantasy world … Good question. Never thought about it because I already have a world and I am so glad, that never occurred to me in a fantasy world. When I wake up, I have the luck and fortune of seeing and feeling. And when my world also wakes up, I can hear her and talk with her. I did not create this world, but I work to keep her happy, day after day, and consequently, it makes me happy too. As the image is beautiful, Brooke. Once again you got it. Congratulations. Probably… Not probably, but for sure, it is one of your works that I enjoy most.

  6. I have been working toward creating a series about insecurity that I would love to get your opinion on if I could. That would be amazing. I admire your work and your passion so much! 🙂

  7. I love how you add additional bits of details into the image like the crack in the wall, the texture on the walls and highlighting various leaves. Thank you as always Brooke for sharing your work and heart with us <3

  8. Brooke,
    I appreciate the process that you have shared. I know for me that it is hard to show..kinda like showing your style your secrets. i am always hesitant of doing it. and you have really given me the courage to that.
    I really love this piece it shows so much emotion. I kinda see the bondage of nature. Its moving. and mysterious. The attention to detail is your trademark, much to be appreciated.
    Again thank you for sharing your process, and giving people like myself, struggling artist inspiration!

  9. ..and of course I forgot to answer the question, Sorry for the additional post. “What does my fantasy world look like?” My world would be more organic, trees, grass, trails that you could walk down and you would never get tired. I wouldnt stop exploring. I would find things , like old buildings and monuments that were lost to the battle to mother nature. I would bring others to share my adventure. My world would have fresh air and no litter. There would be no fear..just peace. The only conflict that I think I would endure would be not be able to explore everything that is beautiful. and sometimes getting to most beautiful place would take much effort. its a peaceful world.. but you have to respect it and you have to earn it to be there.
    Jeff (again)

  10. I love this and find all of it inspiring, and bringing positive change to the world of photography. Do you have a Facebook group where your followers share their creations for (the love of it) and cc?

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