Promoting Passion Video Blog: Working with Models

Promoting Passion Video Blog: Working with Models

For this week’s video I had fun with my friends in the snow, and that felt like a worthy thing to capture on the camera. The reason why it seemed so important to me, other than documenting time with my best friends, is to show a very simple idea: everyone who wants to be a model can be. I don’t hire agency models for my photos. Sometimes that is necessary. But a lot of the time it isn’t, especially if you are wanting to practice, take storytelling photos, or depict “real” people.

In the few times that I have photographed industry models, I have had a much harder time getting what I want. Most people aren’t used to modeling, and that is what I count on when it comes to taking a picture. I don’t want the model to run through 100 poses based on practicing in front of a mirror. That has it’s time and place, but that time and place is never when and where I’m working. I need someone who can become a character. I need someone who has no preconceived notions about what a model does or does not do.

When I shoot, I shoot quickly and decisively. I tell the subject how to pose, often times demonstrating what I mean, and if that doesn’t work, I pose them myself. The great thing about friends is twofold. Usually they are very open to the weird ideas I have and strange poses I pull sometimes. The other good thing is that you have less pressure when trying to get a shot. They are will to go above and beyond for you because they care about you.

In this video you’ll see two different photo shoots. One is with Olivia Clemens, who has been modeling “unofficially” for the last 4 years or so. The other is with KD Stapleton who has had next to no modeling experience. Even though one is very experienced while the other is not, I believe the images, as far as final intent goes, turned out quite equal and I adore photographing them both equally.

I hope that you’ll feel encouraged to create no matter who it’s with. Every person has the potential to be a model, or a character in your story.

Every story is worth being told.

So create…no matter what. Challenge yourself and others to be something more than what meets the eye.


13 thoughts on “Promoting Passion Video Blog: Working with Models

  1. That was so much fun to watch haha put a smile on my face through the whole thing.
    It’s awesome that you’re posting this now, cause a few weeks ago I contacted an old friend to ask her if she’d model for me. Most of my friends wear a Hijab so it’s hard to find friends who don’t and also don’t mind having their pictures posted online. She said yes! And we should be shooting some time this month or next month. We’re even going to Fujairah to shoot near the mountains, so I’m super excited for that.

    Thanks for showing us that you don’t have to pay a lot and hire a professional model to do this kind of stuff, it seems like it would be WAY more fun to work with friends!
    And I have to say this – a dream of mine is to be in one of your photos!

  2. Oh my goodness, that was such a fun video! I’ve never really shot anyone else, besides my husband (rarely, because he gets super grumps if it goes on for more than a minute) This is a really exciting and inspiring idea to get my friends involved, and to even make more through just discussing photo ideas with people who may be interested! I’ve always been nervous about working with others, so I have a million self portraits- but I feel like this could really make me comfortable with working with others, and bring a whole new dimension to my photos! Thank you, Brooke! This is so exciting and inspiring!

  3. That was pretty fun to watch…especially the end with half of your face out of frame and KD breathing in your brussel sprout breath!!!! ahahahaha! I am with Vanessa above. I haven’t really ever used anyone except my husband and a couple of actual models. I need to get the courage up to ask people I meet or even friends! I am just recently getting the courage up to do self-portraits. I am learning to be comfortable in front of the camera. Perhaps, it’ll take me a little bit until I ask others. I am usually a shy person anyway until I get to know people better, though.

  4. I agree with you 100%! I was having such a hard time finding “models” for my images that it was preventing me from creating anything at all. But when I really looked at myself I saw that I wasn’t really putting much effort into what I was creating and why I was creating it. Once I started to really pour myself into my art it flourished, and the passion I put into it has become contagious! I have more projects than time now and a growing number of new friends who want to explore these experiences with me. What more could I ask for? Thanks!

  5. I truly love that you are not going for super model types and have more of an every-girl in your images. They feel more accessible and believable to me, but more importantly seeing them makes me feel like I, as a woman of size, don’t have to be afraid to be in front of my own camera, which is something that makes me cringe at the very thought.

    Even though art should never require permission, your blog post and videos feel like I am being given permission to cast aside my self-consciousness and long-formed set of mental rules and just go for it. Thank you so much for that, it means everything!

  6. That was wonderfully informative video. Hearing Olivia and KD give their perspectives as models was extremely helpful.

    All that being said, I do think my favorite part of the video was you in your hat and cape flapping your wings. 😉

  7. Okay this MIGHT be my new favorite photo of yours, maybe I say that too often because it seems each time you show a new one, its my new favorite!

    I love the video, I just got the news I am going to be meeting you in the CL class in a few weeks, I am over the moon excited to have one of my dreams come true! And I hear from a little birdie that we are doing ‘on location’ shooting and instructed to bring my camera! ekkk! SO, Im taking mental notes on everything in this video, because I have honestly never worked with professional models. My daughter or myself have been my subjects in all my fine art up until this opportunity! So, while I have years of ‘posing’ clients, this is really going to be helpful, and also watching you work of course! And if I don’t get to shoot, I will be totally fine with that as well because I am coming to learn, to be inspired, to finally meet you and thank you in person for the way you have changed my entire view on and life in general.
    Now, one tiny little question: would you mind terribly if I brought my copy of your book and in some down time would you sign it for me? God bless you Brooke and I am so excited to meet you in a few weeks!

  8. You are a true role model! You are just amazing! Thank you so much for these wonderful videos! Also may I ask you a questions I love the dresses you use! How do you find them? Do you make them? Thank so much!

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