Promoting Passion Week 100: Goals & Resolutions

Promoting Passion Week 100: Goals & Resolutions

We did it! When I started my promoting passion series I had no idea that I would make it to 100 videos! But here we are, and I can safely say that for the last two years I have released a video (almost) every single Monday. The topics ranged from photo shoots and editing to inspiration, storytelling, and adventure. I had such an amazing time creating them, and coming to the end of the series made me think a lot about content I want to create next year as well as my goals for the upcoming year.

When I started the series, I didn’t know if I could commit. Making a video Every.Single.Week. is not as easy as it may seem. It required a lot of planning and scheduling and putting big girl clothes on when I just wanted to stay in bed some days. But it was an amazing thing in my life and it won’t be going away anytime soon. I won’t be doing a video every single week, but I will be producing two a month for 2016. One will focus on more sit-down, interview style inspirational talks, while the other will be a more playful behind the scenes look at an elaborate and ongoing series that I’m focusing efforts on.

All of this “thinking ahead” made me want to write out my resolutions for next year, so here they are!


1. Finish and sell my novel.

2. Start and finish my creativity book.

3. Begin a new charity project.

4. Successfully run year 2 of the Promoting Passion Convention.

5. Finish and exhibit a new series.

6. Submit 10 motivational speaking applications.

7. Become a smarter business woman.

8. Start a portfolio case company.

9. Experiment once a week with a different way of creating.

10. Be kinder every day.

What are your resolutions!? Do they include videos? Or creating more or less or different imagery? Are they more personal or professional? Are you excited for the new year!?


I find myself bursting with excitement at the idea of a fresh start. Even now I’m sitting in a cafe in the middle of the snow storm location scouting for the next Promoting Passion Convention, and I can’t wait to share every detail with you. And, it is largely because of this blog and my weekly videos that I feel I have someone to share my hopes and dreams and even failures with…So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I send all my love to you, and not only because you’ve given it to me.


If you share your resolutions with me in the comments here, I will be choosing one person at random to receive a 1-hour Skype mentoring session so that we can talk through your goals and work out an amazing plan to move forward!

PS…Be sure to watch the final minute of the video for ridiculous bloopers with my best friend and assistant Kelly!

Image: “Forgotten Treasures”, Character portrayed by Steph Perez, Photographed in a location provided by Marsha Denlinger.

49 thoughts on “Promoting Passion Week 100: Goals & Resolutions

  1. Oh my goodness what a great video! My goal for 2016 is to finish the first draft of my memoir and to share my voice more fully within my online and offline communities. As a woman who was raised in a cult, I feel like sharing our voice is so important and photography and writing have been amazing (but scary) ways for me to hear my voice for the first time and, eventually, share it.

    1. I will 100% read your memoir and follow a series of images dealing with such a heavy subject. It is a voice that should be put out there. Do it, and you will make it great. I am excited for you Jen.

  2. Glad that you’ve come to a resolution with this video series but I’ll be sad to see it go. Hope whatever comes next is equally engaging for your adoring fans.
    Good luck in all your endeavors. As far as a resolution, I can’t commit to anything other than trying to be a good person and spending as much time as possible with those who truly matter in my life.

    1. You ARE a good person and you give so much of yourself to those you love. I love that about you! But keep doing it, because it’s awesome. And I can’t wait to see you again.

  3. Congratulations!! You are such an inspiration to me and I love all of your work. As I continue on my path to myself, fear is something that continues to hold me back. Although I have come a far way in the past year, I still have so far to go. Baby steps, even at times when I become impatient with myself and feel like I need LARGER steps because things just aren’t happening quick enough. I recently turned down a studio space, both out of fear and out of fear. I know that doesn’t’ sound like it makes sense, but I was fearful I an not ready yet to support a studio and I am also fearful that I will regret the choosing of that specific location because it isn’t where I want to be.
    My resolutions for this coming year are to
    1. Continue to work in my passions and sharing them with others. I have this deep need to create! I love art in all types of forms. I am a photographer, and a spray paint artist. How I struggle to find balance and wishful to find meaningful ways to bring them both together!
    2. Be grateful every day.
    3. Letting go of judgement, of myself and of others. I want to be able to enjoy others for their differences and similarities!
    That’s pretty much it at this point. I have other goals, but they are not part of my resolutions, they are part of what I have already asked the universe for and they are on their way 🙂
    I can’t wait to see what you come up with in 2016!

    1. I totally understand about the studio and fear. I just had a similar experience, except that I finally did commit…though very hesitantly! Sometimes when you’re ready you know it, and if you’re stopping out of fear, it’s time to work through it.

      I love your resolutions – being grateful, so important. Letting go of judgment, something I am trying so hard to also do. I’d love to see your artforms put together or even just to see all of them as they are!

  4. Finish my novel.

    Shift my art biz model.

    Be kinder to myself and others.

    Do a new photo series with wild horses.

    Exhibit my art work.

    Spend more time with horses.

    Read 2 books a month.

    Speak to 2 or more groups.

    1. I’m so on the same boat as you, but without horses..though I love horses! I think you’ll be doing juuuuust fine next year 😀

  5. Wow 100 videos! Congrats! My goals for 2016 are as follows:

    Shoot for me at least once per month
    Plan the new direction of my business
    Put together a show for 2017
    Work to figure out what makes me happy

    1. I love that you’re thinking to 2017! That’s a somewhat scary thought! Shooting for yourself is so important, but does often need to go on a resolution list when other duties call. Good luck with the show!

  6. First of all, those windows are huge!!! That most make great natural lighting for you! 🙂

    I have loved everyone of these videos, they are just great. Thanks you!

    Next year’s plans/things to accomplish:
    #1 Is not photography related, but I just got a 30×70′ greenhouse, to raise produce in. So that is really big for me!
    #2 Try to finish my novel (There seems to be a lot of that one going around! LOL) I am half way on the first draft.
    #3 Do way more photography, of every kind, and try to find my photography niche in the process.
    #4 Become completely fluent in French, I started a month ago and really like it.
    #5 Go to France by the year after next.
    #6 Become a billionaire, this will make the goals listed above much easier! And I am only a billion dollars short of this goal, but I am very confident. 🙂

    Thanks again for these videos, the bloopers at the end really made me laugh!

    1. OH MY GOSH a greenhouse?! That is my dream. All I want is to grow my own produce. Please send me a squash or something 😀

      Novel, yeah! We can send our to each other!

      Love #6. I’m with you 😉

      1. I have been gardening my whole life, so I have always wanted a large greenhouse! This greenhouse is being paid by the NRCS (Natural Resources Conservation Service), They are trying to get more produce grows started, which is really cool! 🙂
        I will definitely send you something! 😉

        A novel exchange, what a NOVEL idea! See what I did there? LOL
        That would be great! 🙂

  7. The last part made me laugh! I miss you both so much!! <3

    I haven't sat down and properly set goals for 2016 for myself, but there are a few projects I'm working on and hoping to finish by the end of this year. And I have a huge project planned that I think will have to start next year because it'll take a lot of preparation and planning ahead. The project is all about raising awareness on depression and trying to get people to talk about it more, instead of it being a taboo or something to be ashamed of. I get to combine two things that really matter to me – photography and mental illness, so I'm really excited.
    I've had an idea for a novel for almost two years now, I even have a short outline for it. I really want to focus on that in 2016.

    I, too, want to be kinder. I want to believe in better things. I want to believe in myself more. I want to do things that scare me. I want to always strive for more and never settle. I want to travel more. And I definitely want to be there for the next promoting passion convention.

    1. I can’t wait to see what you do with photography and depression. It makes my heart tingle thinking about the possibilities. You are the person to do it, so I’ll definitely be checking in on your progress!

      And PS – you are the kindest person I know. Like, actually. Just in case you weren’t sure. 🙂

  8. Congratulations Brooke! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world!!

    My resolutions:
    1. Write in my gratitude journal each day.
    2. Sell a series I’m finishing up.
    3. Finish 2 other series I’m working on.
    4. Get representation by 2 galleries.
    5. Be honest with myself about what inspires me.
    6. Be brave and create fearlessly!
    7. Teach my first workshop.

    1. Hi Ani! Your resolutions are ace – I love that they are a mix of personal and business, both of which inform the other. Be brave – such an important thing for everyone and so often overlooked!

  9. My ultimate goal for 2016 is finishing another series as I did this year (just an alphabetical one) because I’ve seen so much growth in my work and I’m really gaining confidence. So for 2016, I want to push myself to work harder with photoshop, because I think with this tool I can take my pictures to yet another level.

    I loved the video! I hope you’ll be able to realize your resolutions (:

    1. Hi Sofie! I love that yous ay you want to do more with Photoshop. A nice specific goal that you can really dive deep into!

  10. This 100th video is the first of your Promoting Passion videos that I’ve seen (though I’ve been a fan of your photography for a few months), and I love your positivity and energy. And your ambition. So that’s one of my goals for 2016:

    be more ambitious in my career as an artist, and believe in myself.

    I’d also like to be a better business woman, and build on the success I’ve had in growing my little business over the past couple of years. I’ve learnt some important lessons about efficiency and self-promotion this year and I want to consolidate that learning and move forward with confidence.

    A specific goal for that side of my work is to SELL OUT of 4 limited editions that I started in the autumn this year. At least.

    Another general work goal is to have a more organised, ‘flowing’ workspace.

    My goal as an artist (as opposed to businesswoman) is to exhibit in at least two new galleries.

    I also want to experiment more with different ways of being creative. And to draw every day. And allow myself time to seek out inspiration in unusual places.

    I want to write more and play more music/sing.

    I have just re-started (after a very long lapse) The Artist’s Way – so a goal for the first 12 weeks of the year is to complete that course and immerse myself in the process fully (not peace meal, as I did last time) and not avoid or resist the uncomfortable parts!

    Allow time for yoga, because it makes me feel good.

    A really important and urgent goal for me is to pursue opportunities to work with writers who want me to illustrate their stories, stories that I am passionate about, and to explore ways to publish or get published. But first to get over the block that has been stopping me from doing this for the past few years.

    A (crazy?) dream goal I have is to create images for a special illustrated edition of “Women Who Run With Wolves”. I’m running out of time. I want to get in touch with Clarissa Pinkola Estes. Show her my work, which is all inspired by her amazing book.

    Let go fear of failing.

    A simple and very important goal I have is to spend more quality time with my two sons and to give them more positivity and less judgement. To support THEIR goals and dreams. To laugh with and hug them. Lots. Every day.

    Lastly, I have a book (or two) I want to create. A book about bears, and holding. And another about wolves, and wildness. One this year. Another next year.

    Thanks for getting me to do this. I will copy it, and print it out. And stick it on my studio wall. You’re fabulous Brooke! Good luck with all your goals for 2016 x

    1. Hi Lucy!

      Your resolution of selling out of an edition is a really great one – it shows an intimate knowledge of your market and can really help push your career forward! I’m on the same boat right now in reworking my editions and pushing them out more.

      I’d love to see what you do with writers and their stories! That would be amazing.

  11. Congratulations on getting your studio Brooke!! I am still glad you will be making videos even if it is going to only be once a month. My goals for 2016 are:
    To keep taking as many photos as possible.
    To pass math class in school because this is my 4th time retaking it.
    To be more outgoing and try to connect with people even if they don’t live in the same area.
    To allow myself to stop being afraid of the future and just go with the flow.
    To be myself and worry less about other people judging me.
    To have the courage to talk to someone who is a much higher level than me in my major for advice or criticism.
    To take the criticism well and fix my work.
    To get my photos in a gallery.
    Thank you for being so inspiring!!! I hope you have a great day!!

    1. Hi Michelle! Good luck with your math class! I was just awful at it but wish it would come more naturally! I feel like I totally relate to everything you’re saying. Your goals are mine as well. I love it. And good luck, you will be great next year!

  12. Gorgeous video! Loved it! And the last minute, was wonderful!
    About the resolutions and goals for 2016! Well! I’m still in process of to sow some ideas for the next year. However, there are 3 projects very important that are already on the paper and that are flourishing:

    1º- Publish a book;
    2º – An solo exhibition with new series;
    3º – An joint exhibition;

    All 3 are very special and I am very excited on doing it.

    Other very special resolution and goal to 2016 is to continue having this special way of sharing myself. 😉
    Have a great week. xoxo

    1. Paulo, I know all good things will come to you…you are amazing and so kind. Let me know if I can help with anything for 2016!

  13. great video! I loooove resolutions! Here are mine, as of now:
    – do a 52 weeks of composited images
    – Finally create an online gallery of prints to sell
    -get published in an artistic magazine
    -Learn how to use lighting!
    -produce regular useful content on both photography and creativity.
    -Start my Cultivating Creativity podcast and keep it up consistently
    -join a high end artistic stock site
    – have an image on a book cover.

    Those are some of the ones that are closest to my heart. Here’s to following your dreams and making 2016 the best year yet!

    1. I can’t wait to listen to your podcast Lauren! That is really awesome. I love how specific your goals are, that will make them so much easier to dive into on days when motivation might not be there. <3

  14. Congratulations first off on your 100th video! <3 that's quite the feat. 🙂 while I haven't been able to follow your journey quite as well as I used to, it's still something I look forward to as often as I can. 🙂

    As for resolutions? Honestly, I'm hoping to learn to love myself. This past year has been an incredible struggle for me, to the point of self harm. I can feel it killing me on the inside, and it's making me incredibly unhealthy. So I'm hoping to just pick myself up and realize I'm maybe not as bad as I think I am.

    1. Thanks Sarah!!

      I really, really hope that you learn to love yourself too. And that is something that I truly mean, and if I can help at all, please know that I want to be here for you. If you think of anything i can do, just let me know.

  15. I am so happy for you Brooke. You will be an amazing motivational speaker! You have inspired me in so many ways.
    I have started a list of about 10 things that I would like to accomplish in 2016. The first goal is to complete a fine art series of 7 photographs called “Lightworkers”. It’s somewhat detailed and I would love your help 🙂
    Thank you!

    1. I would love to hear more about your series! That name is so interesting and I can’t wait to see it come to life!

  16. I am excited about the new year and have been looking for a mentoring relationship to help develop my storytelling voice. I have so much I want to say and now have the tools and the time to get out there. My resolutions for the next year are both personal and professional:
    1.Post a gratitude picture every day for 2016
    2.Develop story line for composite images
    3.Shoot images 1 hour every day
    4.Increase web design sales
    5.Build stock photo business
    6.Practice the art of humility everyday
    7.Increase Photoshop skills
    8.Work with another woman to stay sober
    9.Increase awareness through meditation
    10.Increase cycling route by 5 miles
    Thanks for getting me to think and make a commitment to having some conscious goals for this next year!Looking forward to watching you achieve your goals!

    1. Gratitude pictures – amazing idea!!!
      I like that you put time limits on your goals per day, that makes it so much more tangible! And humility – I love that one. So important.

  17. 100 videos! Gosh, what a journey, Brooke! (And it’s only just begun…)

    I was thinking over the weekend, that a screwdriver is just a tool. But it can be used to build a camera. And a camera is just a tool, too. It can be used to capture an image. And that image is nothing more than a tool used to tell a story. And that story is also just a tool. You can use it to engage with people emotionally, through analogy and symbolism. But what of that engagement? It too is a tool. One that can reveal the greater good, lift humanity up to a higher level of consciousness, and reveal our higher selves and our oneness.

    We are, all of us, on the same path though we may describe it in different ways. I find it reassuring to see you up ahead, leading the way, Brooke. Helping us along where the trail gets tricky. Encouraging us not to quit. Thanks for extending so much of yourself. 🙂

    I have just one major goal for 2016: to walk the path above with even more purpose and determination than in 2015. But to do that there are lots of smaller goals that feed into it:

    1) Create my first series of conceptual images. A series that tells stories of hope and relief. Salvation, maybe, for lack of a better word. Stories might inspire the viewer to join in the dialog in some way.
    2) Create a website to tell my stories and showcase my art.
    3) Identify at least four juried competitions that I’m qualified to apply to and be accepted into at least one in the hopes of boosting my confidence that the stories I want to tell are worthy and that my approach and my skills are adequate to do so.
    4) Figure out the mysteries of getting something published or somehow made visible to people beyond friends and family.
    5) Nurture the friendships I’ve made this year through this community and beyond, knowing that all paths are easier when we walk them together.
    6) Give and do whatever I can for those who are somewhere behind me on the trail or who perhaps haven’t yet stepped off the sidewalk and onto the little dirt trace that leads towards the woods. To encourage them to tell their stories in a way that is meaningful to themselves and that therefore will be meaningful to others as well. (Or maybe just to help them recognize that they have stories that are not just worth telling, but begging to be told.)

    Lofty aspirations for me. But writing them down is the best way I can think of to start making them real. 🙂

    1. What an amazing analogy, Tim. I will now think of each endeavor as a tool to do something more, something greater. That inspires me very much.

      I will very much be looking forward to seeing your new series of images, and your website too! You are amazing at nurturing relationships. Kelly and I speak of you often and are just so happy to know you.

      Those goals don’t seem lofty to me. They seem totally in line with who you are and what you are capable of. I know your 2016 will be amazing.

  18. First of all: congrats to your new studio !! You both look great 😉 Now here are my few resolutions (just a few, to be sure to make them real & not being disappointed…)

    1. stop looking for other photographers works & feeling not worthy

    2. start getting deeper into my soul and create from there

    3. find a challenge which brings me out of my comfort zone and start it immediately

    4. be a bit more brave by standing by my visions/myself

    5. give my creativity a channel to be heard, seen, etc.

    Brooke, all the best for you & family & Kelly. Have a great start into 2016 thanks for all in 2015.
    Love, Delesa

    1. Hi Delesa!
      I really appreciate that your goal is to stop looking outward so much for inspiration and to start looking within – that will lead to #2, and #2 will lead to #3, and so on!

  19. Thank you Brooke again for an inspiring video! I look forward to hearing about your 2016 adventures ! My Goals for this next year are:

    1) BE MYSELF: I recently realized that I am not allowing myself to be ME! This year I am going to dress like myself and stop buying the clothes I think I should wear ( I have decided that I am going to dress how I feel and not conform to this fake image of myself any longer), act like myself and stop acting the way I think people except me to act, and do what I want to do not what I think I should be doing and what people except me to do!

    2) Find a new “JOB” : I know I need to work to pay my bills and such, but I need to break free from what is safe and put myself out there. I am tired of working retail jobs that suck the life out of me every day. In some respect I enjoy what I do but it is not fulfilling and I do not want to get stuck in this cycle of working and not enjoying it.

    3) Be Healthy: I know this is always a “new years resolution” for most people but I am serious about it. I find myself with low energy most of the time, and I believe if I exercise more and have a better diet I will feel better and have more energy! If I feel better and have more energy I will be more productive and accomplish more of my goals! This healthy lifestyle will include sticking to a new workout plan and starting a veggie based diet! This healthy lifestyle also includes allowing myself to spend time with myself. I want to meditate on a daily bases and give myself at least 5 minutes of alone time. Dedicating this time to myself will allow me to remember who I am.

    4) Create a website! My passion is Fine Art Portrait Photography and I have decided that Flickr and Facebook aren’t enough. I am going to create my own website where I can display my work, (even try to sell it ??) This website will include my refined portfolio, Print sales, Potential “services” , my Artist Statement and Bio, and a Blog. ( All of these things still need to be created for this to work but I know I have to take Action NOW!)

    5) Create My business: This is a big one for this year, and I know I might not have a full functioning business by the end of 2016 but I know I need to start. I want to turn my photography into my business and my career. I know that photograph is what I am passionate about and this has to be done! I don’t want to waste anymore time doing what I am “expected” to do, I want to do what I know I should do and what will make me happy.

    6) Create Regularly. If I am going to grow as an artist I know I need to continue to create. I am primarily a self portrait artists so I have no excuse not to ( I am always around). Last year I had a goal to create at least two images a month…I came close but I need no succeed. I want to push myself this year to create 2-4 images per month and build my portfolio. The more I create the more I can develop my style and grow as an artist.

    7) Exhibit in a Gallery: When I started out as a photographer I knew I wanted to be a Fine Art Photographer. I want to show my work in galleries and inspire others to create. My goal after I refine my portfolio Is to reach out to atlas one gallery per month to try and show my work. I’ve never done anything like this before but I know I need to put myself out there. I also want to submit to magazines and things to try and share my work with as many people as possible.

    8) Be Grateful: I saw a video the other day about a woman who did a “365 grateful” photography project. Everyday she photographed something she was grateful for that day. I think this is an amazing concept that I would like to try! I’ve been living my life wish I had something more, or was somewhere else, that where I was and who I am are not good enough. I decided that I will never be successful with that kind of attitude, and that it is about time I start appreciating what I have and to make the most of it. I am the only one who controls my life and if I am not where I want to be then it is up to me to make those changes and get there!

    9) One Hour A Day: I need to dedicate at least one hour every day to creativity. This can be anything from watching tutorials, editing photos, crocheting, painting, baking reading, or shooting. I can’t let myself forget that creating is my passion.

    10) Date Night. This is something that is really important to me and my relationship. I have been with my boyfriend, Calvin, since July 2011 and we moved in together in April 2015. With all the craziness that has surrounded us this past year I don’t want to sacrifice our relationship. We have agreed that we need to spend more time together (woking opposite schedules most days is difficult) so once a week we will go on a date. <3

    I have a lot of expectations for 2016, but I know that I can do what ever I put my mind to. I have found a lot of encouragement through new communities and look forward to growing with all of my new friends!

    1. Amanda! So important – dressing like yourself. I love it so much. It really is true, that the more you incorporate who you are truly into what you look like, the better you will feel. A switch of jobs could be really awesome. Sometimes it does help to change things up so that you are pointing in the direction you want to be going! Let me know if you need any advice for a veg diet!! Your creating plans sound awesome – being more consistent, finding a gallery, etc. You’ll be amazing!

    2. I hope you don’t mind, I might have to steal some of your goals. You are so organized! Mine was a spillage of hopeful word vomit! I give you props for all the changes you plan for this year! I’m in a job that I’m burnt-out in as well -been a nurse for 17 years and while I love it, it does nothing to nurture the creative, free spirit me. I started with photography about 5-6 years ago…went back to school full time with a nursing job and 4 kids. Was not easy but I loved it. After 1 semester, the college went bankrupt and I was left with loans and wondering if I made a mistake. I know I didn’t because I still love it and at least I got some great basics. Now I use tutorials, books and experimentation to continue the learning path. Brooke is so inspiring. I hope to meet some other like minded people who I can chat, bounce ideas off of and share with. Do you know of any groups?

  20. Wow Brooke! I am so glad that I found you! I started watching you early this year, and I always look forward to hearing about your adventures. I am always inspired by your messages. I am very thankful for you!! 🙂

    This year has been quite the learning experience for me. Long story short, I have a family photography business, but it just isn’t feeding my soul like I thought it would. I decided to try to do more fine art photography and digital compositing (what I went to college for years ago), and I am in love!! I am completely addicted, and my heart and soul are so happy thinking of all the opportunities that lay before me.

    My resolutions in a nutshell:

    1) Make 1 piece of art at least once a week, even if it’s just something in my sketchbook to get the idea down.

    2) Be confident and share the heck out of my work, even if I’m not 100% happy with it. Communicate to everyone why I love it and why I don’t, and accept criticism from others without getting my feelings too hurt. I feel like putting things out there is the best learning experience.

    3) Figure out a way to start transitioning out of my family photography business, and somehow make a profit on making my art. I know this will be a slow process, but I really want to get the ball rolling.

    4) Create a more consistent style in my work because right now I am still experimenting and I am all over the place lol! Branding kind of terrifies me in this regard. I have so much to learn about that.

    5) Create a better balance between my work and family. I have a husband and two children, and my cup runneth over just thinking of them 🙂

    6) Be more present. I feel like I am all over the place lately, and I really need to take time every single day to center myself and to take care of me (even if its just a few minutes a day).

    I honestly got teary eyed this morning just thinking of the new year and doing what I love to do most. I haven’t felt that way in a long time, and it makes my heart sing!

    Thank you again Brooke for all you do! I am so excited for you and your journey through 2016! 🙂

  21. Oh Brooke, the final part of the video TOTALLY made my day, ahahah you girls are amazing!!

    My resolutions for 2016 are (drum roll)

    1. start making videos to support my photography activity and for the fun of it.
    I very recently opened my youtube channel and started creating some BTS videos with material I already have but I definitely want to get more exposed in person and start creating mindful contents – especially in Italian Language.
    2. take more care of and expand my photography business in my area.
    3. promote my fine-art works in some galleries in Italy and abroad, trying to start being represented.
    4. start a new series of 10 I have in mind and exhibit it later on after summer
    5. being happy because I do what I love and love what I do
    6. being braver and more confident
    7. start teaching workshops more consistently and often in my area
    8. doing charity workshop and volunteering in a public library I know that does very nice initiatives in my town
    9. become a (wiser) business woman
    10. continue pursuing my dreams and passions even if I’ll be one year older

    Oh thanks for all you do for us, for the great Community we are in BSPoP Group in FB.

  22. 1. To be better speaking with people and keeping up a meaningful conversation and not letting anxiety prevent me from doing so

    2. Be less concerned about what people think about me

    3. Shoot the creative projects that I’ve wanted to do and have been planning but never did because I doubted myself

    4. Learn and grow as much as I can in life and photography

    5. Be healthier mind and body

    1. I love your resolutions! You sound alot like me. I forgot to add to mine that I want to find some photography groups to join. I would like the support of other artists but I also need other artists to help keep me accountable. I’ve gotten lazy with creating! Anyway, good luck on your endeavors! I hope they are all successful for you!

  23. So happy for you Brooke, congratulations on that you are soon finishing your first novel and your new studio! All the best for your year 2016!

    I have had such amazing year, i have learned a lot about my photography and about myself. Big thanks about that goes to you and your workshop, you are amazing person and i just hope that we will meet again some day 🙂

    In my next years resolution list is:
    – to be kind and more understanding to others.
    – i just started to study Empowering photography, which i believe is going to have huge impact to me also and hopefully i can use it to help others, it’s going to be maybe my biggest thing in my next year.
    – to be kinder and more understanding to myself.
    – go out to the woods more and maybe also do some camping.
    – to dust away my imagination and brain cells i will attend ceramics class, dark room technique class, shooting my photos to film and learning some old photography things like cyanotype. Just for fun and just to get new inspiration :).
    – learn and work harder with photoshop and with my photos
    – start to write stories more when planning my photos, to think more what i want to say with my photos.
    – make more effort with my blog and also make more effort to find a way to get my photos ‘out there’.
    – build my portfolio more with coherent style and make more photos.


  24. Brooke, this was a good exercise in actually writing this all down. I made these goals when I resigned from my job and have been carrying them around in my heart ever since I made that decision, but never actually listed them to myself. Thank you for the nudge to say these out loud to myself <3

    1. Let go and move on from what and who has hurt and betrayed me in the past. This year has painfully revealed many that have used and betrayed me and this has affected my emotional, mental and physical well-being. I want to honour these losses and then move on from these burdens.
    2. I resigned (read here:!New-season-new-dreams/c20iz/55e618930cf24e84f75e995b) and as from 1 December I now have the opportunity to create a whole different work life for myself. This needs to start with creating a productive, inspiring and passionate routine for my work life.
    3. Complete the repairs to the house and finish my studio and office space.
    4. Turn my passion for fine art photography into a passionate and profitable business. This has a whole sub-category of goals I am working on!
    5. Take better care of myself and my health.
    6. Get my fitness back.
    7. Make time to do the things I love and used to do regularly, but have not been able to do for the last 3 years, i.e. go for hikes, spend time in the mountains, swim in mountain pools, go climbing, go camping in the bush…
    8. Start working through the material I have already created for my book of fine art nude images and determine the way forward for this project.
    9. Partake and exhibit at next year’s local gift fair.
    10. Travel 🙂
    11. Do more for animal charities. I support a number of these regularly, but I would like to become involved in a project of some sort as a way to give back. This is something very special to my heart. I am not yet sure how to go about this, but want to give it some thought and research accordingly. If possible, also in a way that includes photography.
    12. Improve my Italian speaking skills.

    Thank you for listening…
    Love & Light

  25. I love this post and I am so excited to see what you create in the new year! 2015 has been an amazing, but very stressful year for me, and I am looking forward to 2016. Here are some of my resolutions.
    1.) As of October, I became a full-time fine art photographer, no longer offering family sessions, newborns etc. So my big one is to stick with this, I have a tendency to be a people pleaser, but I am determined to keep this up.
    2.) I do fundraisers every year in my Mom’s memory and I donate 100% of the proceeds to the brain tumour foundation of Canada in her name. My goal is to raise $2000 in 2016
    3.) I have had one of my pieces in an art gallery during an exhibit for the brain tumour foundation, it was one from my Mom’s series, and I would like to get more of my work in galleries in 2016, or even do a show.
    4.) Spend more time with my hubby, boys and my Dad who just got out of the hospital after having his kidney removed ( he had kidney cancer) it’s been a week since he has gotten out and is doing great, this was another wake up call to spend more time with the ones I love and not as much on work.
    5.) I have had many ask me to create a book with my Mom’s series in it, along with all my write-ups that go with each image. So I want to create that book, and some of the proceeds will go to the brain tumour foundation as well.
    6.) I want to volunteer more with my boys school, the brain tumour foundation and local charities
    7.) I didn’t have a chance to go this year to the promoting passions retreat, so one of my big goals is to start saving money to go to next years retreat, and I will make it happen!
    8.) I want to meet other artists that inspire me, you being one of them. I love sitting down and chatting about art and everything surrounding that.
    9.) Have date nights with my hubby, with two young boys, his work, my work and life in general, we don’t get any time together just the two of us, so I am determined to make that happen in the new year.
    10.) Become better at the business side of my business, charge what I am worth and find my confidence when it comes to that.
    Those are the most important new year resolutions I have thought of. I wanted to say Thank you so much for everything you do, for your group and these blog posts. They are incredibly inspiring.
    Nikki =)

  26. In 2016, I am going to be a super busy lady trying to meet these goals!
    *Continue to self experiment with my creative process and grow my knowledge through as many books and videos as I can get my hands on (my birthday is coming on February 1st and I requested the 3 larger Brooke Shaden courses on CreativeLive).We can’t afford all 3 but it never hurts to ask and I’ll be happy as a pig in poop with one!
    *Test my boundaries /comfort zone with sharing my work.
    *Start writing again. Working on a story based in truth (mostly but with some interesting tweaks) about a group of nursing home residents to show the world the daily grief and struggles our elderly deal with everyday. I would love to illustrate the book with touching /honest black and white images of some elderly folk.I plan to capture the beauty I see in them whereas they usually don’t get a first glance, nevermind a second. I want to expose corporate, profit based nursing homes for what they are and encourage today’s society to see their elders in a different light.
    *I plan to work on not worrying so much about whether people like me. It can literally be debilitating. I plan to be easier on myself and hope that as that happens, my creativity that I know is in there will flow more freely.
    *Love like I’ve never loved before. Life in general, people in my life, the seasons, the work I create and accept what I view as failures graciously!

  27. PS- In sticking to one of my resolutions already, I want to tell you how amazing you are in everything you do, from your own art, teaching and encouraging us as well as your charity work. I have lived a good many years longer than you but you are my role model. You make me want to be successful and I feel by listening to all your videos, that you are a kindred spirit (yes, I’m an Anne of Green Gables freak! By the way, have you ever shot on PEI? That would be a beautiful background) Okay, I will stop babbling but I had to let you know what you and your kindness have done for someone like me. I love all your videos and especially bloopers! I just wanted to jump in and dance with you two! In fact, I’m adding that to my list of resolutions. often!

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