Promoting Passion Week 38: Community

Promoting Passion Week 38: Community

What is the number ONE most important thing to me? Community. Or at least it is up there really, really high on my list. I believe that having a community that is safe, kind and caring is extremely important for a lot of people. We crave interaction, and we love to share our experiences with people.

That is why I created this blog at the start of the year. I wanted to build a community that I could be a part of that wouldn’t be about criticizing, comparing, or competition. This place is all about the love, and I’m going to keep promoting that until I can’t take another breath.

Let’s get to know one another a little better! I want you to answer these questions with your 3 best answers. Post in the comments, and if you see someone saying something that you like, respond to them! Get to know one another. I had an amazing email the other week from someone saying that they met wonderful new photo friends through my blog, and I smiled ear to ear for the next few days.

So, let’s have at it!

1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?

2. Favorite places to share your art?

3. Favorite lenses?

4. Top pieces of advice?

5. Favorite movies?

6. Favorite places?

7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?

8. Favorite words?

9. Top reasons why you create?

10. Best moments so far this year?

I’m teaching all day in Nebraska (I love this place!) so I might not be able to respond right away, but I am SO looking forward to reading your thoughts when I get back to my hotel room this evening!

A million pieces of love to you. Thank you for being here!


139 thoughts on “Promoting Passion Week 38: Community

  1. 1- Thrift shops, other photographer friends, families old wedding/party dresses
    2- Instagram, facebook, 500px
    3-I only have one favorite- 50mm
    4-Don’t wait, push yourself, learn something new every shoot
    5-300, The Notebook, Maleficent
    6- The ocean, forest park, Portland at night
    7-Break Free, Uplifting, and Just Out of Reach
    8-Treacherous, surreal, and Oish- not really a word, but I use it all the time
    9-I love it, it makes me hopeful, it’s the closest I’ve ever come to the world in my mind
    10-Moving to Portland, Or from Ca., falling in love (yes, that’s cheesy) and within a month of each other I had two new nephews.

  2. Hi Brooke, thanks again for this article, a place for friendship and sharing ! 🙂

    1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?
    Ebay, Etsy and friends’ wardrobe

    2. Favorite places to share your art?
    My new website, Facebook and 500px

    3. Favorite lenses?
    – Sigma art 35mm f/1.4,
    – Canon 85mm f/1.2 (but I have the 1.8)
    – Canon 16-35 f/2.8 (sadly, I don’t have it ! but a friend of mine let me try it on a journey, it was amazing !)

    4. Top pieces of advice?
    – Be yourself and listen to your heart,
    – Try to realize your goals and dreams,
    – Don’t fear to fail, you will fail, but you will grow up from these failures and then, you will meet success

    5. Favorite movies?
    Into the Wild, Inception and Fight Club

    6. Favorite places?
    Alps mountains in France, forests, wilderness in general

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?

    8. Favorite words?
    Wild, Introspection, Surreal

    9. Top reasons why you create?
    – Create my dreams, fears and whishes
    – Pass emotion on to ones who look at my pictures
    – Turn upside down real and surreal worlds

    10. Best moments so far this year?
    – Spending time with two real friends, photographers and beautiful persons
    – Selling my first fine art print
    – Discovering as introspection my own life and creation way

  3. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?
    > vintage shops
    > flea markets
    > my mom’s wardrobe

    2. Favorite places to share your art?
    > Facebook (
    > 500px
    > YouPic

    3. Favorite lenses?
    > Canon 50mm f1.4

    4. Top pieces of advice?
    > Be yourself.
    > Love yourself.
    > Try everything to live your dreams.

    5. Favorite movies?
    > The Shining.
    > Some Like It Hot.
    > Rosemaries’s Baby.

    6. Favorite places?
    > Rome.
    > Sofia.
    > Galapagos.

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?



    8. Favorite words?

    > Tenderness.
    > Melancholia.

    9. Top reasons why you create?

    > I want to create new worlds.
    > It’s a possibility to create something beautiful based on melancholy.
    > To become art.

    10. Best moments so far this year?
    > Returning to Rome.
    > Show my art during three exhibitions.
    > Starting a new project based on illustration and photography.

    1. In fact we must first love ourselves, right? someone already said that we should love those who are near us. And who is the person who is closest to us? Ourselves. I see you like Rome. I’ve also had the opportunity to be there when I lived in Italy, and one day I will return. Congratulations for your work.

  4. 1. Thrift store all the way!!
    2. Facebook, 500 px
    3. 35mm
    4. Do not settle for anything other than the best. You ARE worth it.
    5. Beaches, Coraline, Ace Ventura, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
    6. On top of a mountain, my home, the ocean
    7. My Journey Series
    8. Advantageous, Serendipitous, delicious
    9. Self Expression.
    10. Beginning a life of my dreams. Meeting You! Starting my yoga teacher training program!

    Thanks Brooke <3 <3

  5. 1. Thrift stores & german store “kauf dich glücklich”
    2. My blog
    3. 50mm & 35 mm, dreaming of a 85mm 1.2 though (I have a feeling this is gonna be my baby 😉
    4. there is no such thing as “ready” to do something – you take a leap of faith and then you work with what you have to get to where you want to be. need to tell this to myself every day.
    5. like crazy, high fidelity, frances ha
    6. the forest & the sea, my chair at the kitchen table where I sit to write and look outside
    7. photo of my boyfriend on a nice evening walk, a photo of our beautiful rooftop terrace in rome at sunset during a holiday this summer, a group shot of all the wonderful people i met during my six months semester abroad in Venice
    8. dalliance, fidelity, dawn.
    9. I am not really sure – maybe to find some kind of truth in all this input I get every day? Also: To clean up the mess. The world seems less overwhelming when you take all these overwhelming emotions and line them up in words, they look so neat on paper, less frightening. Freezing time within a photograph – that possibility gives me the illusion that time is not running out like crazy, that I have some kind of control over life. Okay, is this confusing?
    10. Going to Italy for six months on my own and moving in with my boyfriend afterwards, who supported me in my dream, even though that meant we had to spend some time apart.

    First time poster by the way. Brooke, I love your work! Keep on shining, I come around every Monday!

    Love from Germany X

    1. Viele Grüße Gina! I love your piece of advice. So true. We wait around for being ready when we should just get up and do it. So many missed opportunities. Wonderful!

    2. Gina, I completely get your need to clean up the world. Sometimes things only make sense after I’ve out them down on paper and it can be such a relief to get them out of my head!

    3. Thanks so much, Emma, it is so great to hear you’re never alone with how you feel about things! Love your photography 🙂 Haha, Grüße zurück, liebe Melanie!

  6. 1. Favorite places for wardrobe-Ebay, Good Will, Garage Sales

    2. Favorite place to share my art- My web site & blog, Facebook

    3. Favorite Lens- 50mm, 18-200 zoom

    4. Top pieces of advice- LOVE YOURSELF, surround yourself with positive people, give everybody a chance until you know the facts, there are 2 sides to every story.

    5. Favorite movies- Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor, Harry Potter series, Star Wars series

    6.- Favorites Places. – Yellowstone National Park, the ocean, anywhere my motorcycle will carry me and my camera

    7.- Favorite Images you have created in the last year –

    Green Thumb-dedicated to my Aunt -!Green-Thumb/zoom/c22j5/imagev7f

    How We Grow-!How-We-Grow/zoom/c22j5/imagejwj

    Eat at Joe’s -!untitled/zoom/c14ak/image9pa

    8.Favorite Words- Whimsical, adventure, create

    9. Top Reasons I create – To make myself happy, to inspire others around me, it gives me an awesome reason to travel

    10.- Best moments so far this year:
    1. Having Brooke open up a whole new side of creative photography in me that has left me wanting to create every waking moment! Thank you so much Brooke I never knew what I was missing.
    2. Getting a puppy
    3. Riding my motorcycle to Gettysburg, PA

    1. I love your advice as well: give everybody a chance until you know the facts, there are two sides to every story. How true! So much gut reactions and retaliations that cause much more harm than good all based on assumptions that may not be true because of a lack of facts. How much more gentle and warm the world might be if we didn’t assume the worst in others.

  7. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?
    — Zara/ Mango/ Springfield (I live in Portugal, so my favorite shops are European/Iberic brands. I shop a lot at Zara and Mango, for example, which are Spanish brands, or H&M. My favorite thing is to find something completely modern that I can turn vintage-y and whimsical with accessories)
    — Thrift stores
    — random family closets

    2. Favorite places to share your art?
    — Flickr — even though it’s losing a lot of traffic, lately, it’s still my favorite place. It’s where it all began for me, where all the doors opened and showed me a way to make art my life. I’ll always be grateful for this website.
    — Facebook — I’ve been getting a lot more feedback on facebook than I do on Flickr, and it’s wonderful to see.
    — Blog — I don’t get much feedback there, but it’s so clean and neat and organized!

    3. Favorite lenses?
    — Nikkor 50mm f/1.4. (for self-portraits)
    — Nikkor 24-70mm f/2.8 (for weddings)
    — Sigma 85mm f/1.4 (I don’t own it yet, but I’ve worked with it and it’s fantastic)

    4. Top pieces of advice?
    — Deep breaths, every problem is relative. — I suffer from severe anxiety, so I need to constantly remind myself that the problems that
    seem gigantic for me are just tiny blips in the greater scheme.
    — Just keep shooting — even when you’re in a rut, artistically, just keep pushing yourself.
    — Be kind — I have to remind myself of this one, a lot.

    5. Favorite movies?
    — The English Patient
    — Moulin Rouge
    — For Lovers Only,

    6. Favorite places?
    — Porto (my hometown and where I currently live)
    — Berlin (where my girlfriend lives; it’s such an artistic, lively city)
    — my family’s beach house.

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?
    — Potions and Powders (
    — Loading Holiness (
    — Fade to Black (

    8. Favorite words?
    — Cardamom
    — Saffron/ Açafrão
    — Liebling

    9. Top reasons why you create?
    — to keep my sanity
    — to share my vision with whoever’s around me.
    — to show whoever sees my work that we all have a little bit of darkness inside — and it’s perfectly fine 🙂

    10. Best moments so far this year?
    — Driving up to Santiago de Compostela with my girlfriend.
    — Finishing my Alphabet Tales and being invited to have a solo exhibit for the project.
    — A peaceful moment at an airport (I’m terrified of flying), it was precious. 🙂

    Thanks for doing this! It’s lovely! 🙂

    1. Olá! Tudo bem? Go to Santiago was to be one of the moments of the year, but unfortunately cannot be and should be for the next year. I hope it has gone smoothly? You went from Porto to Santiago? Parabéns pelo teu trabalho.

    2. Hello, so just wanted to say LOVE your photos and your post. How can I find your photo page on facebook (what’s it called?) Being someone who also deals with anxiety, your first piece of advice struck a chord with me. I also loved what you said about why you create, especially the last one. It is so true, and something I hope t0 get across in my creative work.
      Thanks for sharing!

    3. I really, really love your advice here! Especially the first and second one. I tend to dramatize problems but just going somewhere quiet and taking deep breathes really, really helps 🙂

  8. 1. Favorite places to find wardrobe:
    – Local vintage stores and church thrift stores
    2. Favorite places to share your art:
    – Facebook, my blog
    3. Favorite lenses:
    – 85mm f/1.2L II
    – 70-200mm f/2.8L II
    4. Top pieces of advice:
    – Failure means you’ve learned something and get to try it again.
    – Create because it makes YOU happy.
    – Don’t compare yourself to others.
    – Don’t ever lose your passion.
    5. Favorite movies:
    I’m not a movie person at all!
    – ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’
    – ‘Pretty in Pink’
    6. Favorite Places:
    – the beach
    – anyplace with my husband
    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year:
    8. Favorite words:
    – positivity
    – ridiculously
    9. Top reasons why you create:
    – express my creativity
    – challenge myself
    – highlight the beauty in the world to balance out the bad stuff we
    are inundated with.
    10. Best moments so far this year:
    – getting my first book cover
    – being a part of 2 gallery shows
    – finding a motherlode of sea glass with hubby
    – taking the pressure off of myself to be perfect and create ‘perfect’
    works (whatever that means)

  9. 1. My friends vintage shop!! and Obviously thrift stores.

    2. Flickr, Facebook, and my blog!!

    3. 80mm

    4. Always create what you want, not what seems to be popular and you think people will like. (Unless thats happens to be what you love then have at it!!!) also JUST KEEP SHOOTING!

    5. The Fifth Element, Away we Go, and anything by Darren Aronofsky

    6. FRANCE!!! “The Punch Bowl” a secret waterfall we swim at near my parents house, and the forest on my grandparents land.

    7. This one…

    This one…

    and This one…

    8. Splendid, Excited, Epic

    9. Because I can’t not create! Since I was a small child I have always been drawing, painting, making movies, just creating in whatever medium has been available. Its what I look forward to every day.

    10. Marrying my best friend and the love of my life in a Vineyard in front of all of our loved ones.

    Flying to France for my honeymoon and have the most amazing time ever…..ever.

    Finally launching my blog, getting such a wonderful response, and making lots of new photography friends in the process!

  10. 1. hahah , I had to check what “wardrobe” means 😀 , thats totally out of my interest 😀 but if need some i would check some second hand stores. ..

    2. FB , tumbrl , behance , 500px ..

    3. my new favourite lens , Nikon Ai-s 80-200mm manual focus tele zoom . So goood, so sharp and I love how it draws. Then I use canon 24-70 L , 14mm samyang a lot. ..

    4. Just do your thing. Even sometimes you might feel lonely and kind of frustrated but just keep going, it will pay back big time and usually then when you least expect it . Keep positive mindset and grounded. 🙂 Life itself is just soooo amazing , and so many good things happening , you just need know what you want and then start doing things step by step to reach your dream. It will happen but sometimes it needs some time to develop.

    5. That’s hard. Hmm… Ghibli studio movies , Apocalypse Now , The Shining …

    6. Somewhere in nature, I really love Lapland .

    7. hmm.. so many pictures also 😀 hahah how about 3 series i like ..
    1. suttesjohka –

    2. wintry nights

    3. misty forest

    8. Inspiration. Adventure . Life.

    9. I just love to do what I do. And connecting with the nature is just something amazing and how it comes into my pictures .. <3

    10. Jan 2014 , I was filming Suttesjohka spring ( In northern Lapland Finland) , there was almost fullmoon, silence, – 25c decrees cold. Sound of water. Some distance creak sound from the trees. No light pollution , only me and the nature, I was laying in the snow and listening sound of silence watched moonlight shadows draws into snow. There was some very special energy and no wonder, that place it's in natural state and it's also ancient sacred place for the Sami people. I really felt the special energy.

    1. I just came back from your website 🙂 . You are so lucky you got to experience the Aurora Borealis. Those pictures are stunning. I absolutely LOVE Ghibli studio movies too. Specially the ones by Miyazaki. Stay Inspired!

    2. Now I need to go back and edit my list because I adore Ghibli Studio and I can’t believe I forgot about him! I love your night-time snowy images, snowscapes fascinate me too.

  11. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?
    my closet, flea market, mostly any shops i’ve been walking through

    2. Favorite places to share your art?
    instagram, facebook and behance

    3. Favorite lenses?
    definitely 50mm

    4. Top pieces of advice?
    you are you. it’s ok to get inspired but not copy others.

    5. Favorite movies?
    Harry Potter series, Studio Ghibli’s animation movies, and something fantasy like Narnia

    6. Favorite places?
    Beach, flower fields, any other beautiful places

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?

    8. Favorite words?
    emotion, dream

    9. Top reasons why you create?
    to inspire others, to make my imaginations into a real matter, and also to practice

    10. Best moments so far this year?
    started my master degree life abroad

  12. 1. Thrift shops, ebay and etsy
    2. Facebook, 500px, my website
    3. 50mm 1.4, 24-105mm 4.0, 85mm 1.4
    4. Never stop learning, do what you love, and never give up
    5. The notebook, how to train a dragon ( I know odd,lol ), transformers ( all of them )
    6. home, forests, nature in general
    8. surreal, dark, beautiful
    9.I love creating, It lets me put a bunch of thoughts together to create an image, love the emotions people feel when they look at my work
    10.Finally have the courage to make changes and do more work that I love to do, getting emails and messages from people about what an image I created made them feel, selling my work.

  13. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe? I like to go to the craft store. They’ve been having a LOT of 5o% off sales, on the floral stems, and I really like making big head dresses to shoot with.

    2. Favorite places to share your art? I really don’t anymore. But, I still do have a stash on Flickr

    3. Favorite lenses? I love my 70-200

    4. Top pieces of advice? Haters are going to hate.

    5. Favorite movies? I really like Tim Burton Movies

    6. Favorite places? I like being in the mountains, or forests

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?

    8. Favorite words? Macabre, lol it does rolls out so beautifully.

    9. Top reasons why you create? Creative outlet, I’m not very good at drawing, or painting. But I think I’m pretty good at photography.

    10. Best moments so far this year? I’ve gotten a few publications this year. It was kinda cool to think that maybe someone out there likes what I did.

  14. 1 – Old clothes (mine or friends), flea market and thrift shops
    2 – Facebook, Blogspot, webpage (under construction)
    3 – Those I have: Nikon 17-55 mm f / 3.5-5.6; 55-200 mm f / 4.5-5.6; 50 mm f / 1.8 G
    4 – Love yourself, fight for what you want, create with what you have
    5 – I am not a consumer of movies, bu I have two that I really enjoyed: Before sunrise, Soul Surfer.
    6 – Aveiro (hometown), Taormina (Italy) and the next place where I’ll be.
    7 – Since Brooke captivated me to this area of photography, I already realized five works, which gave me a lot of joy and a great satisfaction in doing them. And my 3 favorites are:

    8 – loving, creating, conquering
    9 – Feeling and give happiness, traveling in my mind and make others traveling too, feel alive and make others feel alive.
    10 – The moment I first read this blog and changed my person. Have succeeded in doing the half marathon and having the courage to print my work and have offered to someone special.

    1. Hello! Thank you Emma! But I’m still at the beginning. I was “infected” by the words and work of Brooke. So it’s her fault. 🙂 Through this blog I have found people with great works, with whom I am learning and inspiring. Congratulations to all. I loved your images of the Swiss Alps. Congrats. Thank you for visited my page.

  15. This is great …i soooo love questions!!!!

    1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?
    vintage stores,
    laying around the house
    found some amazing stuff on etsy from the UK. (TPF Faerie Wear)

    2. Favorite places to share your art?
    — Facebook,
    —my local community in town,

    3. Favorite lenses? 24-105 for all my weddings and most everything else, the 70-200 when i’m bored, my goal would also to play with a FISHEYE something about the world encapsulated into a bubble. (makes me want to pop it)

    4. Top pieces of advice?
    — strive to always BE YOURSELF,
    — create because you really love it, not just because you are good at it –
    — whatever dream you have, you CAN make a reality – just don’t take the shortcuts too often. 🙂 Enjoy the journey.

    5. Favorite movies? Huge movie lover…so this one is hard.
    –Devil Wears Prada
    –anything Star Trek or Star Wars
    –I love GREAT parodies that are done well…like Galaxy Quest or Spaceballs – really anything that makes me laugh and at the same token The Color Purple, makes me cry 🙂

    6. Favorite places? New York City, Riviera Maya Mexico and starting to really like places in New England (Cape Cod area)

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?
    please hold….i’ll have to find them.

    8. Favorite words? encourage, sparkle, bright

    9. Top reasons why you create?
    –because it is a deep soul/heart desire to speak from my heart and create from that overflowing of emotion, desires, thoughts and whims
    — to inspire others
    — to learn more about myself and how i communicate.

    10. Best moments so far this year?
    –everything from Jan-April when I got to spend time with people and mentors that helped me embrace ME as an artist: Brooke Shaden, Brian Demint and countless others.
    –capturing a wedding at MIT going into the uknown, meeting new people and exploring.
    –the day my husband and I bought some land to go “off-grid” consistently to replenish our hearts and minds. It is like a blank canvas we get to start from scratch together to build.

  16. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?
    Etsy, Ebay, thrift stores (in that order)
    2. Favorite places to share your art?
    Facebook, 500px, and my personal website (not necessarily in that order)
    3. Favorite lenses?
    I only own one lens so it has to be my favorite: 18-200mm
    4. Top pieces of advice?
    don’t be afraid, don’t second guess your moments of inspiration, don’t be a “tricks of the trade hoarder” always be willing to share your knowledge
    5. Favorite movies?
    Road to Perdition, Up, Meet the Robinsons, Big Fish
    6. Favorite places?
    tall grassy fields in the middle of nowhere, Yellowstone, southern Germany
    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?
    8. Favorite words?
    fliberty-gibbit, pants, cacophony
    9. Top reasons why you create?
    I like new things, having the opportunity to make the things I see in my head real, bringing joy and consideration to others
    10. Best moments so far this year?
    learning we were having our second child, getting my first mentee/assistant (someone that I can teach and share the craft and passion with), starting and finishing my first series

  17. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?
    My muse’s mother owns a resale shop. A majority of the clothing used in my photographs are from that resale shop! Ebay is always fun too…though it can become an addiction… ;]

    2. Favorite places to share your art?
    My blog, my facebook. And my cubicle job. I am not to fond of being in a cubicle, so I try to make it my own. I print out a lot of my work and keep it up. Everyone stops by and looks it and checks out the new stuff.

    3. Favorite lenses?
    Now I use my 24-105 mostly. I do weddings, but I have a side of business where I do conceptual/fine art work for myself.

    4. Top pieces of advice?
    – don’t be afraid to try something and fail (I have learned that one this year…) you live you learn. mistakes can often help us create something even more beautiful than the original thought.
    – its okay to come back to a photograph and set it aside for awhile.
    – visit this blog if you need cheering up. brooke is always honest and inspirational.

    5. Favorite movies?
    – how to make an American quilt. its a visually stunning love story.
    – Imaginaerum (seriously check this out)

    6. Favorite places?
    – my grandmothers property. She lets me explore and use it a lot.
    – these trails in my neighborhood, they have these little rivers and trees with amazing roots.
    – can I just go back to Italy? anywhere there.

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?

    I worked really hard on this shoot and the editing.

    8. Favorite words?
    Imaginative. Perhaps.

    9. Top reasons why you create?
    It is my therapy. It helps me move past depression and makes me fall in love again.

    10. Best moments so far this year?
    this year has been a tough year for me. I think my favorite part has been finishing my book and planning conceptual pieces around it.

    1. those images are beautiful! and i agree photography has been the best therapy for me for depression and anxiety.

  18. 1- Thrift stores, clothing given to me from friends
    2- Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook
    3- 50mm! It’s my all-time favorite lens.
    4- Listen to your heart, even if you’re unsure of the outcome. Always do what you think is right!
    5- I love so many movies! Hercules (Disney), Walk The Line, Up (Pixar, makes me cry EVERY TIME), and really anything Disney, except Tarzan and Frozen 🙂
    6- Walt Disney World (I’m obsessed), Charleston, SC (my new home), anywhere when I’m with my husband
    7- In no particular order,
    8- I don’t really have any favorite words, since I am not very good with words myself.
    9- I create to help express my emotions. This helps me since I am somewhat shy about sharing how I feel. I also create because I love photography, I love editing, and I love inspiring others as well as myself to continue what I do.
    10- My favorite moments this year are in this order:
    Going on my first vacation with my husband in May to Walt Disney World
    Watching my husband graduate from Navy basic training and inspire me to follow my dreams (as he did)
    Getting married
    Allowing myself to continue to do what I love to do no matter what gets in the way

    1. omg UP is amazing and i cry alway always in the beginning! have fun with navy life(my hubbs is in also!) it can be exciting in sooo many ways!
      i really liek your series with the girl in the red cloth

    2. Yes, Navy life is very exciting! It is also hard because he’s a Nuke and I barely get to see him since he’s always at his schooling. But thank you, it was one of my favorites to edit 🙂

  19. 1) Thrift store and friends wardrobes
    2) Facebook and viewbug
    3) 50mm
    4) Never give up on your dreams
    5) Alice in wonderland, factory girl, funny face, the diary of Preston Plummer, Edward scissor hands…I could go on and on
    6) Hocking hills, the fields and woods around my house, Virginia
    7) My favorite creations this year would have to be…

    8) Dreamlike, beautiful, dark
    9) To be creative, To express myself, to make an image that others can find a part of themselves in and bring out emotions in others.
    10) Creating two of my sketched images I’ve been wanting to try, and hiking in old mans cave. Also, discovering the promoting passion videos. They have been an inspiration and motivation for me, so thank you Brooke!

  20. 1. The best costumes I have found have been from costume sale at a local theater.

    2. Facebook and my blog

    3. 24-70 2.8

    4. Be open to on the spot ideas, but planning is also helpful

    5. Princess Bride and Lady Jane

    6. The woods where I grew up

    7. links to my site

    8. Wonder, Magic, Flow

    9. To get want is in my head out

    10. I was able to attend a 3 day workshop in Jan with Brooke—mind-blowing.

  21. 1. Thrift stores, Ebay, Etsy
    2. Facebook, 500px, Flickr
    3. Sony 18-55mm f3.5-5.6, Sigma 70-210mm f2.8, Sony 50mm f1.8
    4. “The only photographer you should ever compare yourself to is the one you were yesterday.”
    5. Life as a House, 13 Going on 30, The Crow
    6. Atlantic Beach, NC; Ocean Isle Beach, NC; Emerald Isle, NC
    8. ethereal, serenity, whimsical
    9. Personal expression, To challenge myself, To make others (models, friends) feel beautiful
    10. Being published for the first time, visiting the Sea Turtle Hospital for the first time, and any time spent in the ocean waves

  22. 1. thrift stores and just using plain fabric to make a dress
    2. instagram and facebook
    3. my sigma 35 1.4 hardly ever comes off my camera.
    4.MAKE TIME, if you don’t make the time then you will never find time for photography
    5.300, jurassic park, labrynth
    6. the woods and creek were i grew up
    7. (the one of you from afterdark because dreams were coming true when i did it) must be ‘um’ and ‘like’ cause my husband says i say them way too much when i talk
    9. to cope with infertility, to deal with my emotions, to make me sane
    10.meeting you and attending afterdark!! though i miscarried the few days i was pregnant, and the days visiting family before i moved to california

    thanks for being such a role model and leading by example of making photography a kind, caring, inspiring community!

  23. 1. wardrobe:Etsy, flea markets, friends, Ebay
    2.facebook, wordpress, pinterest…etc
    3. 85mm 1.2, 24-70 2.8, 70-200 2.8
    4. be always yourself, and do what you love
    5. Notebook, Skyfall, Cruel Intentions, Slumdog millionaire… this list is neverending 😀
    6.If talking about favorite places in the world, Rome and New York, little city in northern Italy callend Trento, London, Paris… <3
    7. one of my favorites
    8. dream,unique,whimsical,shadow,ethereal
    9. Why I create… I love to capture moments, people, light, shadows…and using my emotions, mainly sadness, depression,what I am going through in my work. I can get so much strength of creating.
    10. One of my photograph was part of exhibition in gallery, in New York this summer. That was so amazing! But best part is that I have met so much new people through photography this year, and I am really shy person otherwise but when I am with camera, I can relax <3

  24. 1- Etsy ( some amazing people there!) and World’s End for the special pieces.
    2- Facebook, Instagram, my blog (
    3- Summicron 50mm and 35mm almost exclusively. The Nikkor AI-s 85mm 1.4. Old and manual focus but it was one of my very first lenses and I still love the images it helps creating.
    4- Not quite a piece of advice but the litany against fear from Dune made a strong impression on me when i was a child and never quite left me. This and “shoot close to home”.
    5- Anything David Lynch, Tim Burton, and recently Maleficient.
    6- Home, London, Edinburgh, Tokyo, a good bed and a good shower.
    7- This one: was soooo much fun to shoot and create! I had a great time making all the hidden private jokes relevant to my friend/model!
    This one: means a lot to me…
    8- Serendipity, surreal, dream, dark, edge, integrity, calm.
    9- It really makes me happy. I love creating visual stories or illustrating one liners, and putting the elements together to bring the Idea to life!
    10- So many! Getting a tattoo, coffee and crosswords with my Dad, collaborating with people I look up to, my first interview, my best friend’s new baby…

    Much Love to you Brooke, and thank you always for your kindness and your inspiring posts!

  25. Loving this questionnaire; anyway:
    1. car boot sales/flea markets and skips
    2.My photography group on FB called BADASS (I need a website)
    3.28-70 f2.8 & 100mm macro
    4.Don’t wait, time goes so fast you’ll miss your chance
    5.Singing in the rain, District 9, Escape from New York, Paradise Alley, National Lampoons Christmas vacation
    6.The coast and the mountains – Pembrokeshire West Wales UK
    7.Pin up images
    9,Can’t quantify it, I just have to.I’d be lost without it
    10.Being made redundant

    I feel good for doing that – thanks 🙂

  26. 1. Myntra, Connaught Place in Delhi, India

    2. NatGeo Your Shot –

    3. 18-55mm and 50mm 1.8

    4. Travel, Travel, and Travel SOLO!!

    5. The Bang Bang Club, A Beautiful Mind, Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!, Shutter Island, Shawshank Redemption, Lunch Box, and Thank You for Smoking.

    6. Spiti Valley –

    Tso Pangong Lake –

    Kamla Nehru Ridge in Delhi –

    7. Already shared above in point 6!!

    8. Explore, Peace, Happiness

    9. For self awakening!

    10. Road Trip to the World’s Highest Village – Komic in the Spiti Valley of India at some 4500m.

  27. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?

    -Thrift store. I haven’t done much in that area yet, lol.

    2. Favorite places to share your art?

    -500px, Tumblr, and Facebook.

    3. Favorite lenses?

    -First I have to mention, I don’t have favorites in anything really, but I do love my Canon 24-105 f/4, my Canon 70-200 f/2.8 and I liked my old Nikon 50 f/1.8.

    4. Top pieces of advice?

    – Never, ever give up.
    – Allow yourself to follow your dreams.
    – Never forget that you have to eat. Follow your dreams, but never forget you still have to walk the path too.

    5. Favorite movies?

    – The Razor’s Edge
    – Star Trek (Both new ones)
    – About Time

    6. Favorite places?

    – Home
    – San Diego
    – Bellingham, WA

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?

    8. Favorite words?

    – Love
    – Happy
    – Smile

    9. Top reasons why you create?

    – To make something beautiful.
    – It feels good.

    10. Best moments so far this year?

    – When my son came home format he hospital.
    – Moving to our new home.

  28. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?
    Definitely thrift stores, and Etsy!

    2. Favorite places to share your art?
    Facebook, Flickr and Instagram.

    3. Favorite lenses?
    Love my 28-70mm. I use it all of the time.

    4. Top pieces of advice?
    Listen to your soul. That’s a big one for me. It’s so easy to listen to all of the chatter and other people’s ideas of what you should be.

    5. Favorite movies?
    Lost in Translation.

    6. Favorite places?
    By the Hudson River, or another body of water.

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?
    These three:

    8. Favorite words?
    Resilient, Abundant, Resonate

    9. Top reasons why you create?
    Definitely to understand myself better, but also as a means for telling my story in the hopes that others feel the freedom to share theirs as well as a part of a healing, self-loving journey.

    10. Best moments so far this year?
    Winning an award for one of my photographs, and having to face a lot of my personal self-doubt and self-worth issues as it was being challenged by this moment.

    Thanks so much for opening up this conversation! <3

  29. Hi people, these are my answers (:

    1. Thrift stores and when it comes to props, my grandma has it all!

    2. My blog ( ), Flickr and Facebook( )

    3. Unfortunately, I only have the 18-55 lens, but I’ve tried the 50mm and absolutely loved it.

    4. -Don’t compare yourself to others
    -Be determined and focused on what you really want
    -Be willing to take risks
    -Find your voice and embrace it
    -Remember that the amount of likes are not the most important thing.

    5. Ooh this is hard. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, About Time(this one is really good)

    6. I don’t have one yet, but a solitary bench with an incredible view would be one.


    8. literalmente(literally)

    9. To share my voice, to inspire someone and to feel like I have my own place in the world.

    10. It would be the moment when I decided to start taking these kind of photos, when I decided to blog again and when I decided that negativity wasn’t going to take me anywhere. It was the moment where I really saw myself for exactly who I was and decided to love it.

  30. 1. My wife´s closet.
    2. Facebook and flickr
    3. The ones I have. Most recently sigma 35mm 1.4
    4. Don´t ever be afraid if you haven´t got anything to lose.
    5. The Lord of the Rings, Matrix, The Cell, Dune
    6. Home
    7. 01.
    7. 02.
    7. 03.
    8. Conceptual, art, exercise, try
    9. Because it increases my will to live. It breathes life in.
    10. So many, but every single one of the ones I spent with my wife.

  31. Hola todos!

    1- Thrift Stores!!!

    2- 500px, my blog.

    3- 50mm, 24mm tilt shift, 24-85.

    4- BE KIND – to yourself and others <3

    5- 2046 , After Life, I'm a Cyborg.

    6- Anywhere with a view.


    8- Compassion, Adventure, Light.

    9- To communicate and share.

    10- The morning tea ritual with my love.

    Booke! thanks for creating this community 🙂 . This is a very inspiring place.

    Now…onto reading the other comments.

  32. 1. Op shops / thrift stores, eBay

    2. Local businesses (wall art), Fb, IG, Pinterest

    3. 50mm (would like a 70-200)

    4. Stand out from the crowd, promote your point of difference.

    5. Avatar, butterfly effect, notebook

    6. Japan in the spring, Disneyland!

    7. My son the Indian, my other son with the pear (which won an award), refer my website 🙂

    8. Exclusive, elegant, fresh, colourful

    9. To bring the authentic to the surface, to celebrate.

    10. Visiting japan during their cherry blossom festival 🙂

  33. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?
    Anthropologie, online & my sewing machine.

    2. Favorite places to share your art?
    500px, my blogs.

    3. Favorite lenses?
    Sigma 50mm & 35mm 1.4 – I adore Sigma 🙂

    4. Top pieces of advice?
    If it doesn’t make you happy, stop doing it. If you are happy, the people you love will be happier.

    5. Favorite movies?
    Notting Hill, Star Trek – old & new, Serenity. Any good sci-fi dystopian with an awesome script.

    6. Favorite places?
    The mountains, Rwanda, South America.

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?
    My first attempt at surrealism: and some moody mountains that aren’t up online yet

    8. Favorite words?
    Mantequilla, anything in German it’s awesome!, ephemeral

    9. Top reasons why you create?
    Because I can’t stop myself! Because the process is therapeutic and because I am lucky enough to be able to.

    10. Best moments so far this year?
    Stepping back and doing more of what I love rather than what I get paid for. Discovering Brooke 🙂 Being chased by a curious seal in Norfolk. Photographing my brother’s wedding. Becoming an auntie (in 4 weeks time).

    1. Hi emma 🙂
      Love your picture! Surrealism can be quite challenging, I’ve been wanting to incorporate that into my work.
      YAYYY for dystopians <3 I love anything dystopian (especially books)
      And congrats in advance on being an auntie! I have three nieces and it's such a great feeling (most of the time :p sometimes they're just REALLY loud haha)

    2. Amani, it definitely can. I’m rediscovering my teenage obsession with Dali at the moment and trying to find more inspiration in painting and literature than things like photography and film, just to really find something different that will make me feel as if I have my own little niche rather than imitation of what I’ve seen online. It’s so hard! But I think it’s a case of going back to the essence of what inspires you, and for me I think the love of surrealism and dystopia is Dali and Margaret Atwood.

      Paulo, the number of conversations I’ve had with my husband about what makes him happy is when I’m happy is ridiculous. It is amazing how we can be so blind to the fact that happiness is infectious, so we really have to start with ourselves.

  34. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?
    Mine and my sisters’ closets 😀

    2. Favorite places to share your art?
    Facebook and instagram

    3. Favorite lenses?
    Sigma 50mm 1.4! I use it almost all the time.

    4. Top pieces of advice?
    Don’t be afraid to be who you want to be. Love and accept yourself. Be kind, to yourself and others.

    5. Favorite movies?
    Just one – Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

    6. Favorite places?
    The beach in winter

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?
    Across The Abyss –
    The Redeemed Soul –
    In The Company of Wolves –

    8. Favorite words?
    Pandemonium, serendipity, hope

    9. Top reasons why you create?
    – To have an outlet
    – To express how I feel without using words
    – To let people know that we all go through hard times, that it’s OK to not be OK, that they’re not alone.

    10. Best moments so far this year?
    – Gulf Photo Plus events, not only did I get to meet Brooke and attend her workshop twice, I made such incredible friends.
    – Winning three awards at an international photography competition.
    – Having my first exhibition!


  35. 1. Favorite places to find wardrobe
    – Thrift shops
    – Etsy
    – Ebay

    2. Favorite places to share your work.
    – My blog
    – Facebook
    – 500 px

    3. Favorite Lenses
    – 50 mm 1.4
    – 24-70 f2.8
    – 70-200 f2.8

    4. Top pieces of advice?
    – Strive to create/work just outside your comfort zone. That is how you progress and move forward. Meaning learn that new skill your not sure off, try that new technique, take that job that’s just a bit of a stretch.
    – Don’t compare yourself to others. (so much easier said than done and I struggle daily but it’s important).
    – Create what YOU love.

    5. Favorite movies?
    – Too hard for specifics. These are the questions I can over think and then never answer. I love scifi, comedy and some drama.

    6. Favorite places?
    – The forst
    – On my couch with a cat in my lap (yes, I know, boring)
    – New exciting places that I’ve never been to yet (ie. when not on my couch I love to see new places)

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?
    – The beach shoot with Shelly was fantastic and my shot Amphitrite is my favorite of the year so far.
    – I also like my photo drowning. It’s an idea I’ve had for years and just this year knew enough to create it.

    8. Favorite words?
    – persnickity
    Lately that’s it. I’m not sure what my favorite words are but I know I’ve enjoyed saying persnickity lately. LOL and I”m not even sure that is a word.
    – blemum – only adding because it has meaning that goes way back to me. I’m also not sure if that is a word but it was engraved on a sign in my parents house.

    9. Top reasons why you create?
    – Express and share myself. I’m not great with words so photography is a great outlet.
    – Use a different part of my brain than I do in my day job.
    – I just really enjoy it.

    10. Best moments so far this year?
    – The beach shoot with Shelly.
    – Getting to go to a costume sale by the Lyric Opera of Chicago.
    – My family vacation to Vancouver – not really photography related but still a highlight of my year.

  36. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?
    – Home
    – Friends
    – Second used shop

    2. Favorite places to share your art?
    – My web site
    – 500px
    – facebook

    3. Favorite lenses?
    – Canon 70-200 2.8 MKII
    – Canon 24-70 2.8
    – Sigma 35 1.4 art

    4. Top pieces of advice?
    – Be yourself
    – Don’t fear to fail – we all do
    – Follow your heart

    5. Favorite movies?
    – Cinema Paradiso
    – Inception
    – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

    6. Favorite places?
    – Lofoten Island, Norway (my birthplace)
    – Havana
    – Rome

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?
    – Dreamscape
    – Growing Up
    – Is there anybody out there?

    8. Favorite words?
    – Surreal
    – Creative
    – Fun

    9. Top reasons why you create?
    – To Visualize my state of mind
    – Emotional therapy
    – Escape from the real world

    10. Best moments so far this year?
    – My wedding
    – My stepdaughter who have CFS is starting to feel better
    – One of my images selected for a book (Best of photography 2014)

  37. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe? – flea market, The Models wardrobe 🙂

    2. Favorite places to share your art? – FB, my Website, 500px

    3. Favorite lenses? – Panasonic/Leica 25mm 1.4, Zuiko 35-100 2.0

    4. Top pieces of advice?
    all you need is love

    5. Favorite movies? – 5centimeters per second, Blade Runner, Brazil,… endless list 😀

    6. Favorite places? – the deserted world, wide places, the sea, the desert, the hills…

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?

    8. Favorite words?
    live, love, just be.

    9. Top reasons why you create?
    i create to live/ to express my feelings/ to process grief. I try to discover this alien world, and meet people.

    10. Best moments so far this year?
    my children are healthy again. ‘m still here, My yourney to the sea, meet some nice new people…

  38. I love this post Brooke, it made me smile in times of sorrow. This past Sunday was election day in Sweden for Government. 13% of the voters voted for a racist party that wants to limit immigration among other things that I find horrible. Community and compassion is needed here more than ever right now. With that in mind I will answer, and then read everybody elses posts :).

    1. I have never really shopped for a wardrobe so I would say my closet haha! I do plan to visit second hand stores soon.

    2. I only share on Flickr and Behance so far and I am in love with Flickr! A great community.

    3. I only have one right now and I love it: 35 mm 1,8 (on a medium format camera).

    4. *Teach your children, and everybody around you, compassion and empathy (and I am hoping I get the meaning of the words correct!) by stating a good example
    * If you consistently do the right thing without worrying about the judgments of others, people will see that and copy you. No matter how small the actions are.
    *Strive for peace and calmness inside your soul, however that may look like for you.

    5. I never watch movies, I always fall asleep :). I rarely watch TV at all. Favorite video game is super mario bros and Rayman ;).

    6. I have never really travelled so I will be creative here; the arms of my lover and best friend, my home and the woods.

    7. These are my favorites:


    8. Soul, empathy, fire (figuratively speaking, so maybe passion is better ;)).

    9. Reasons why I create: * because I want to show the world my inner world, which is filled with surreal realities.
    * I want to make another person feel something and I want to communicate how something (a life situation for example) might feel.
    * I want to put something into the world that has a great value, but not monetary value but emotional value.

    10. *My first shot on location, in the woods (image not yet published)!
    *Starting to really practicing my hobbies; fine art photography and board gaming
    *starting to realise that I love writing poetry as much as I love making art and that those two can be combined in a beautiful way.

    1. Hi Paulo! Thank you so much! You have beautiful images as well, would love to learn how to make a bubble like the one on your facebook page profile image. Really amazing :).

    2. Hello again! 🙂 Thanks for your like on my page. I have won the day! I am very glad that you like my images. As for the soap bubble, you can search in google or you tube. You can find enough tutorials to teach how you can do.

  39. 1. Although I have trolled the thrift stores, so far the costumes I have used came from my closet.

    2. I just joined in order to share my photos. Otherwise I use Facebook.

    3. I mostly use my 28-300 mm zoom lens.

    4. Believe in yourself and know your thoughts create your destiny.

    5. I love biographies such as Ghandi and Malcolm X.

    6. I love Hong Kong. I lived there years ago before I was serious about photography. I really want to go back.

    7. My three favorite photos of the last year are located at They are the only three posted as I just joined.

    8. Delightful – it sounds like it’s meaning.

    9. I enjoy the challenge of showing an idea or concept in a photograph. Besides, it’s fun to play dress up. 🙂

    10. As a recovering CPA turned photographer, I love having more time to photograph and learn Photoshop.

  40. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe? thrift store pretty much the only place I go and costume store for wigs

    2. Favorite places to share your art? – my blog, 500px, flickr

    3. Favorite lenses? – Unfortunately I haven’t worked with alot so only have experience with my 14-48mm and my wide angle (which I only use for certain things)

    4. Top pieces of advice?
    When things seem terrible, try to put everything in perspective, tell your family that you love them, try again

    5. Favorite movies? – too many but what pops into my head first are Some Like it Hot, Jaws the original, and anything Woody Allen (great dialogue)

    6. Favorite places? – red rocks of utah, desert, new england where I grew up

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?

    8. Favorite words?
    yes, far away, now

    9. Top reasons why you create?
    I love music and art, but can’t draw, paint, play an instrument or sing. It gives me an outlet to put what I see in my mind into the world.

    10. Best moments so far this year?
    Trip to Key West, my son graduating from college, feeling good

  41. Hi Brooke! You are one of my biggest inspirations and i’m happy to share my answers here with you <3

    1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?
    -online in general

    2. Favorite places to share your art?

    3. Favorite lenses?
    50mm 1.8

    4. Top pieces of advice?
    -Stay true to yourself!
    -Follow your passion ~
    -Stay motivated!

    5. Favorite movies?
    -Spirited away
    -Howl's moving castle

    6. Favorite places?
    My room, my bf, the beach

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?


    8. Favorite words?
    Hi thur, uguu, kyaa

    9. Top reasons why you create?
    I want to show people a bit of my world that can be full of darkness, imagination and emotion. Even though i'm horrible at drawing, i wish to show my art through the pictures i make.

    10. Best moments so far this year?
    -2 of my pictures got featured on Dark Beauty's Magazine facebook page! (since i'm not known at all yet, this really gave me the boost of my life!)
    -I had a big inflammation on my skin for 3 months, (sorry for my english) got really depressed and unmotivated to make more pictures and went to the hospital for it for a week, i'm happy to say that i'm finally back to normal and back to making pictures again!
    -Happy to be with my sweet supportive boyfriend for 5,5 years now, he is the love of my life!

  42. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe? – Goodwill, nature and thrift stores.

    2. Favorite places to share your art? – Tumblr, Facebook and galleries when given the chance!

    3. Favorite lenses? – 85mm 1.8, 70-200mm f/2.8, 50mm 1.8

    4. Top pieces of advice? – Never ever be afraid of mistakes, experiment as much as possible, and don’t compare yourself to others, especially those younger than you.

    5. Favorite movies? – Howl’s Moving Castle, Drop Dead Fred, Antiviral

    6. Favorite places? – Hotel ballrooms filled with the sounds of live Irish dance music, Sturtevant Falls and my home.

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year? – These ones right here!

    8. Favorite words? – Mouton, verdant, ethereal

    9. Top reasons why you create? – I can’t function if I’m not able to create, It’s the best way to express my feelings, and there’s no other way to get closer to the worlds I dream of.

    10. Best moments so far this year? – A 9 day trip up north to Sacramento, getting my third gallery showing and finally getting a job apart from photography to pay loans but I also made the most wonderful friends at this new job.

  43. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe? Local Designers, Thrifts shops, my closet.

    2. Favorite places to share your art? FaceBook, Instagram

    3. Favorite lenses? 85 Prime

    4. Top pieces of advice? Try everything that inspires you. Go shoot, Don’t hold back, have fun.

    5. Favorite movies? Lord of the Rings, Legend

    6. Favorite places? Forests, Mtns, Beaches

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?

    8. Favorite words? Love, Beauty, Hippy Light

    9. Top reasons why you create? Because its part of my soul and wants out. And it makes me happy as well as those around me.

    10. Best moments so far this year? Shooting images my daughter, and my engagement to my fiancé.

  44. Hey Brooke ! Sounds great !

    1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?
    Ebay- Vintage Stuff from anywhere, Local Costume Hire & Charity Shops, nature..

    2. Favorite places to share your art?
    Flickr, Gallery (1 so far), Markets

    3. Favorite lenses?
    I like using my 85mm because I’m a macro-detailaholic ?!

    4. Top pieces of advice?
    Seek influence everywhere, but don’t lose individuality or feel you have to be something your not, find your own style and appreciate and learn from others.

    5. Favorite movies?
    Prometheus & the Aliens, Kill Bill, Flying Daggers,

    6. Favorite places?
    New Forest, White Cliffs of Dover, Dod Summit, Snowdon, The Last Castle and Tenterden

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?
    Departure and Doppelgänger

    8. Favorite words?
    Love, Food

    9. Top reasons why you create?
    *Because you feel free and expressive, Not one creation is the same.
    *It’s spontaneous, there are no rules.

    10. Best moments so far this year?
    *Holiday to Cyprus
    *Uni acceptance
    *A-level Grades

  45. 1…thrift stores , vintage boutiques , estate sales
    2. my blog…and a little email I send out called …picoftheday
    3. 28 mm 2.8 and 35 mm 1.8
    4. be yourself…I think that is the best way to be creative…I see a lot of people copying styles of others…that’s OK…but not for me…actually I try not to see others work as I feel it may hinder my development…I like Brooke’s work but is so not me…but I find her truly inspiring…what she accomplishes with so little is amazing.

    5. Movies…Casablanca…Breaking Away…A Knight’s Tale and Donnie Darko

    6. Canadian Rockies…the Adirondacks…Vermont
    7. My favorite images are usually not my best work….but I love to make images of my dog Sven…and I did a newborn image just full of texture…most people go soft from what I have seen…I went very opposite

    8 favorite words…Lets Go Pens !

    9 I create for myself…it makes me happy…if someone else likes my work as well…that is just a bonus

    10…every morning …every day …waking up…ready to meet the world.

  46. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?
    Thrift stores, Etsy and Pinterest

    2. Favorite places to share your art?
    My blog, Flickr and Facebook

    3. Favorite lenses?
    18mm-55mm and 35mm (so far)

    4. Top pieces of advice?
    Believe in yourself, Trust your instincts and Follow your passion.

    5. Favorite movies?
    To Kill a Mockingbird, The Heat, Lord of the Rings (all of them)

    6. Favorite places?
    Hawaii, Sierra’s, home

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?

    8. Favorite words?
    Fairytale, whymsical, Inspire

    9. Top reason why you create?
    To inspire, love of photography, seeing beauty in all things.

    10. Best moments so far this year?
    Connecting with old friends, leaving a dead end job, choosing to push myself beyond my fears.

  47. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe? Thrift stores, Etsy and Pinterest
    2. Favorite places to share your art? My blog, Flickr and Facebook
    3. Favorite lenses? 18mm-55mm and 35mm (so far)
    4. Top pieces of advice? Believe in yourself, Trust your instincts and Follow your passion.
    5. Favorite movies? To Kill a Mockingbird, The Heat, Lord of the Rings (all of them)
    6. Favorite places? Hawaii, Sierra’s, home
    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?
    8. Favorite words? Fairytale, whymsical, Inspire
    9. Top reason why you create? To inspire, love of photography, seeing beauty in all things.
    10. Best moments so far this year? Connecting with old friends, leaving a deadend job, choosing to push myself beyond my fears.

  48. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe? Thrift or vintage store!
    2. Favorite places to share your art? 500px & Facebook
    3. Favorite lenses? 35mm 1.8, 18-200mm & 600mm Macro
    4. Top pieces of advice? Listen to your inner voice (the positive encouraging one) and dismiss the haters and non-believers!
    5. Favorite movies? Waaaaay too many to choose from, but I love period movies, the clothing and scenery makes me swoon!
    6. Favorite places? Europe, Western US
    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?
    8. Favorite words? “What you think, you become; What you feel, you attract; What you imagine, you create” – Buddha
    9. Top reasons why you create? Because it is a burning need from within
    10. Best moments so far this year? Being in Colorado on the top of a mountain watching the sunset through falling snow in the middle of June; Setting up my own space in my house for editing and creating art in a space which truly reflects who I am; taking on my first student 🙂

  49. Hi! Brooke
    Answers of your questions are :- 🙂
    1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?
    – From streets of any tourist places.
    2. Favorite places to share your art?
    – Cafes, bus, or while travelling somewhere.
    3. Favorite lens?
    – Ahh…. I have a basic one so I like 55-250mm of canon.
    4. Top pieces of advices?
    – Love yourself and do what your heart says.
    5. Favorite movies?
    – There are a lot Hindi, English and some Korean movies.
    6. Favorite places?
    – Till now Goa and Hampi.
    7. Favorite images you have created in the last year?
    – I love my pics which capture sunset and any historical monument.
    8. Favorite words?
    – Love, travel, adventure, family, passion, dedication, bliss.
    9. Top reasons why you create?
    – It makes me feel happy.
    10. Best moments so far this year?
    – When I felt I am happy with my imperfect life and understood that nothing is perfect.

  50. 1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?
    Thrift shops and my wife’s cupboard 🙂

    2. Favorite places to share your art?
    Facebook and 500px

    3. Favorite lenses?
    24-70mm and 70-200mm

    4. Top pieces of advice?
    Always take someone to give you a hand.. 🙂

    5. Favorite movies?

    6. Favorite places?
    Royal National Park, Wattamulla

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?

    8. Favorite words?

    9. Top reasons why you create?
    I enjoy the creative process of photo-making

    10. Best moments so far this year?

  51. 1. I’d say Ruche. And pretty much everything I pin to my Lookbook on Pinterest.

    2. My pretty tiny little blog. And Instagram.

    3. Oh, 50 1.8, 70-200 and 85 1.4 all from Nikon.

    4. Stop chasing your dreams. Summon them and they will come to you! Dare to dream! Find the magic in yourself!

    5. Lord of the Rings. And I cannot think at another one right now. 🙂

    6. Anywhere in the Romanian mountains. Brasov, Romania. Barcelona, Spain. London, UK. My own mind.

    7. Here are three. I just love them all for telling such beautiful stories.

    8. Magic. Healing. Passion.

    9. To heal. To show the people how beautiful they really are. To alleviate sorrow.

    10. Breathing in the fresh coffee early in the morning before we took a road-trip. Buying a new book and loving it the very moment I have opened it. All the laughs with my friends. Being able to live a simple and passionate life.

  52. I’m going to be doing a project type thing through my school next week Tuesday and I’m so excited to finally get to meet you! I’m in love with your work. You’re blog posts inspire me and help me to be more outgoing with my photography. Keep doing what you do cause it works! 😉 See ya next week!!!

  53. I have been travelling in Europe, so I am a little behind with posts, but I am so touched by reading this post now as I assume that was our email from the other day that you are referring to <3 A few of us had invited you to visit us in South Africa on one of your posts and that is how I found two inspiring local artists, Claire Gunn and Natascha van Niekerk. We have now become an amazing team together and working on preparations for our 5th group exhibition together. Along with these beautiful souls that have touched my life, I have also come across many amazing artists via your page and now my own as I build my own little community…

    1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?
    – Charity shops
    – My own everyday wardrobe
    – Just using a scrap of material

    2. Favorite places to share your art?
    – Facebook:
    – Flickr:
    – My website/blog:

    3. Favorite lenses?
    – I currently only have one lens for my 5DIII, so that is hence my favorite, i.e. 55-105 😉

    4. Top pieces of advice?
    – Surround yourself with positive people, positive energy and beautiful spaces.
    – Learn to be comfortable with your own company and spend quality time with yourself.
    – Time is truly fragile. Appreciate the time you have had and the time you are still allowed.

    5. Favorite movies?
    – Lord of the Rings
    – Nell
    – Kingdom of Heaven

    6. Favorite places?
    – Cape Town, specifically my new home Scarborough
    – An area in South Africa called the Cederberg
    – Spain, specifically Barcelona

    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year?
    – Beloved:
    – Blind Belief:
    – Healing Powers:

    8. Favorite words?
    – Emotion
    – Inspiration
    – Expression
    I actually use these words as the tag line for my work 🙂

    9. Top reasons why you create?
    – To expression my emotions and stories as I find it difficult to say how I feel.
    – To quieten and give peace to my soul.
    – To share and connect with others, especially since I often find that very hard to do.

    10. Best moments so far this year?
    – Opening my 1st exhibition with artists I met via this community. We are now working on our 5th exhibition and are beyond honored that you agreed to include one of your images to exhibit with us.
    – Spending time in the mountains with my friends on mad adventures to take climbing images and also do some fine art images.
    – Currently traveling for a month overseas to take a much needed holiday and solo travel, spend time with family and to create images in magical locations in Europe.

    Thank you <3 xx

  54. • Local Freecycle Website.
    • Blipfoto.
    • 50mm 1.8 Minolta & 50-70mm 2.8 Sony.
    • When you feel things are getting you down, go for a long walk somewhere peaceful in the fresh air. Nature is a great healer & helps lift the spirits.
    • Beaches (Forever Friends), Watership Down, How The West Was Won (It’s the music!)
    • Yorkshire Dales & Coast, English Lake District & South Yorkshire Pennines.
    • Capturing forever the moments just after birth of my latest granddaughter & her Mum
    • Infinite possibility, Granwa Pawa!
    • Lifts my spirits. It helps to pass the time
    • Birth of my sixth granddaughter, Autumn Rose & someone actually remembered my birthday this year 

  55. The print on your site is all but unreadable to me. It is extremely light and grey. I would love to read about you and all the replies. And, can’t.


  56. Hi,

    1. Favorite places to find a wardrobe?
    none, my wife buying i no is boaring
    2. Favorite places to share your art?
    500px, my website,, flickr,
    3. Favorite lenses?
    canon 28-135 mm
    4. Top pieces of advice?
    take photos of subjects you to feel something, technique comes later when necessary. is shooting an extension of your feelings
    5. Favorite movies?
    caberet, in to the wild
    6. Favorite places?
    Moddergat Friesland Netherland
    7. Favorite images you’ve created in the last year? landscape:
    church Alp Flix Graubunden Switzerland, Waterland Netherlands near Edam
    8. Favorite words?
    passion, fascination
    9. Top reasons why you create?
    I love it
    10. Best moments so far this year?
    one moment of silence on Alp flix Graubunden in Switserland

    You put us think about why photography and the meaning of it and what you can with it tell you about yourself but also about the world we live in and especially you mantra “stay with yourself” topics ……….. thank you for sharing.
    greeting Frank Terpoorten, Edam Netherlands

  57. Excellent post and video..

    1. I am self confessed fashion blind 😉 Anywhere that sells something comfortable and/or practical.
    2. Facebook mainly, my website, Flickr sometimes, actually I need to sort that mess out!
    3. 50mm, 100mm Macro, the ever versatile 24-105mm, just about anything Lensbaby, because it’s just wacky 🙂
    4. Be yourself, no one else can be better at doing that.
    5. That changes a lot, at the moment, actually I’m not sure!
    6. Inside my mind, inside your mind and Scotland.
    7. An art nude in a derelict farm with interesting light, shadow and a wonderfully creative model, a lightpainting of a derelict building, it didn’t work out too well, but next time it should. A pretty poor image of a Fox that I caught spying on me while I was shooting a night scene.
    8. Accomplishment, happiness, positivity, many more.
    9. I create for me, for the sake of enjoyment accomplishment and because I can.
    10. All of it, life is a special gift.
    11. Yes I know there is only 10, but.. Favourite things, some form of torch/light emitting object and the moon, the moon is awesome and is an excellent reflector 🙂 Oh, and a tripod.

  58. hey:)) first time i comment i think! i adore this place. i wanna give my places:)

    1 costume: in london there is a wonderful place to rent things and that is the national theatre costume hire. i too love beyond retro in dalston and off brick lane. then too i search etsy &ebay.

    2 social media: my blog of course:, my Instagram would be next: @alicesaga and then i do: twitter, fb page, flickr, 500px, tumblr & pinterest.

    3 i use my digital canon, rebel t2i. then i shoot with my polaroid, diana, holga and instant ones. all my self portraits are created with my canon one:)

    4 movies: ohlalala. candy, marie antoinette, the god fother, virgin suicideds,blue, leaving las vegas but the most important one i think has been the series and the movie In The Mood For Love which has to do with timing. the love might be right and perfect but the timing is wrong:(((

    5 the woods of scandinavia, the wood of sydenhamhill/ dulwich, the outskirts of new york.

    6 i started to created self portratis in 2014. my 3 would be one of these:

    7 candy, cute, brilliant is my mantra

    8 to stay candy cute brilliant and shine bright like a diamond;o)!

    9 my 2014 was not that good. i tried to pretend a lot. i hope i succeeded. i want my place to be positive. that is all. then for 2-15 i have SO many plans and hopes.

    i want all of you to be in my precence. to have you brooke in my life.


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