Promoting Passion Week 42: Adventure & Fear

Promoting Passion Week 42: Adventure & Fear

The sun was setting. A yellow and red glow was coming from the left and I only had minutes to shoot. The temperature was below freezing, something I had not packed for. At 10,000 feet in the air I was above the clouds. I was in a cloud. The moisture from it wet my hair completely and my feet started freezing to the ground. I tried adjusting my camera but my fingers stopped working like I told them to.

I had been in Hawaii for 10 days, in the most beautiful weather, and I was about to fly home that night. The plan was to drive up to the top of a crater and take in the view before driving back down and getting straight on a plane. Of course the artist in me would never allow that. My friends stayed warm in the car and then went to catch the sunset. They yelled for me to join them but I was having my own, private moment in the middle of a raining cloud.

I felt completely alone. I was miserable for part of the shoot. I was cold and wet and my feet hurt from jumping on rocks. But then the adrenaline kicked in, and even more than that was an overwhelming feeling of calm. When would be the next time I could see a view like that, or take a picture inside a cloud? When would I be able to experience this moment again? I never could. Not as it was just then, perfectly chaotic.

I calmed myself. I took a deep breath. I let tears come as I looked out at the clouds below me and they mixed with the rain water that was pouring from the part in my hair. I took one final self-portrait and let my feelings echo in bliss. An adventure had come and gone. I was ready to embrace something new.

Do something uncomfortable. Do something that scares you. Do something you would never normally do. Go somewhere. Appreciate where you are. See each new day as an adventure.

Be inspired.


16 thoughts on “Promoting Passion Week 42: Adventure & Fear

  1. omg i love this image sooooo much. something about it and the tones and the fogginess it literally reached out and grabbed ahold of something in me and i can not look away brooke! wow.

  2. This photo brings me so much peace! I can’t wait until I have this amazing adventures myself. Being in a cloud must have been one of the most beautiful things ever.

  3. Brooke, oh Brooke. This is why you are an unstoppable force in the art world. This is why everyone is scrambling to catch up to you. This is why you will never become irrelevant. It is also why I absolutely adore you and am inspired beyond words.
    Allow me to explain what most will likely overlook.
    I have been to Haleakala crater. I’ve talked to other photographers while there and since then who have been there. It’s a long drive up some curvy road. Not an easy task. It is cold. It is alien. It heightens your senses and emotions and is the reason why a lot of people claim it to be a life changing experience. On clear days the sunrise and sunset are to die for as a photographer.
    Most people who would have made the journey up only to find it rainy and windy would’ve considered it a failure and been upset that it wasn’t all that they were expecting. You however, managed to take what 99% would’ve walked away from and turned it into something amazing.
    Some who watched this may just see another cool speed edit and some inspiring words about facing your fears. I see that woman from Lancaster who can create art and be inspired where others cannot. It is for that reason that you will always remain my “Michael Jordan” of fine art and creativity. You set the bar Brooke and so far it has been an absolute blast trying to keep up.
    I can’t wait to hear all about your trip. I hope those locations had the same effect on you as they did on me.

  4. Your kind warm hearted personality and your talent have a breathtaking flavor of honesty love and friendship… You’re such a brilliant lady and I can only hope I get to have as much inspiration and talent as yours one day with my photography work.

    God Bless! πŸ™‚

  5. Love the tones and mood of this image Brooke <3

    Isn’t that adrenaline so addictive though? I It is what gives me the courage to head out and create images outdoors in spaces where I might be discovered or observed, like on the beach or mountain. This was especially the case over the last month where I have been creating images during my travels in Europe, changing into my prop dress in public, dodging tourists and security guards and created image after image <3

    I just posted the first image I created on my trip in Europe earlier today:

  6. Just when I feel like I am fighting a hurdle of some sort, you feed me a bit of wow and energy, to ignite me all over again. Thank you Brooke! You are endless with your ideas & fearless with your endurance. And the work speaks volumes of your creative excellence! Bravo!

  7. The colors and the mood are so lovely. I keep coming back to this photo.

    I think that some of my most invigorating and rewarding photos are the ones where I got dirty or jumped so much I could hardly walk the next day or held positions that I had no business holding for entirely too long. Oh, and falling off my Pelican case when it tipped over.

    We hold these images nearer to our hearts, I think, because they are hard earned and are an adventure.

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