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Rough Waters

“Rough Waters”, self-portrait taken in Brazil, April 2017, background from Iceland (2015). I am so worriedView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 99: Moving On

Moving on…It felt like an apt title for this post since this is video #99, and I am aiming for 100. It is rightView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 89: Iceland Revisited

I did 30 photo shoots while I was in Iceland, so we can’t really expect the images to let up quickly, right?View full post »

Promoting Passion Week 88: Create Your Dreams

I was on a trip in Iceland. It had been five days with my friends, driving around in RVs, our little homes crammedView full post »

Use It For Good

While I was traveling I overheard two statements that made me sad: “I can’t believe how stupid humanityView full post »

On The Horizon

There exists within each of us a certain fear that hangs above our heads like a black cloud, threatening to pour rainView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 73: An Unsung Song

There is a certain song that we sing, sometimes without realizing that our voice escapes our clenched throat, thatView full post »

Creating a Self-Portrait in Glacier Bay

It was the trip of a lifetime. One year ago I hosted an artist retreat in France, and the group that came together fellView full post »