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1/31 July Challenge

What is more magical than our ability to create? To pull something out of thin air, to empower our imagination to beView full post »

The Life We’re Living

Do you ever try to stuff yourself into the life of someone that you know you’re not but think you should be? OfView full post »

Life with Anxiety

Perfect representation of how it feels to have anxiety, for me. I speak very openly about my social anxiety. It isn’tView full post »

Behind the Scenes: Awakening

Lately I have been reminiscing over my earlier photos from when I first started photography. There are still,View full post »

White Wall Wednesday: Episode 9

Oh my loves, so much is happening this month! I am grateful that September has rolled around. I haven’t quiteView full post »

White Wall Wednesday: Episode 6

I love getting to share some of my editing process. This week was super fun because I was working in a way that has aView full post »

Creations: 1st Half of 2016

We are almost into June! That means that the first half of the year is almost over. In some ways I don’t likeView full post »

Finding Your Place Among the Stars

“Finding Your Place Among the Stars”, self-portrait, May 2016 A lot (and I mean an alarming lot) of peopleView full post »

Speed Edit for “Withdrawal”

For months, maybe even years, after I started taking pictures I longed for a day when my style would be consistent.View full post »

Creating Art Anywhere

This year has been an incredible lesson in how I create. From an 8 foot box built with my own two hands, to theView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 89: Dreamcatcher Collaboration

Ask anyone – I love people who love to create, no matter how that creation manifests itself. That is why I loveView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 87: Think Outside The Box!

The other day, something amazing happened. I broke my, what seems like, year long creative block. I’ve beenView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 84: Lindsay Adler

A little while ago Lindsay asked me if I would be willing to take pictures of her for her upcoming birthday. However IView full post »

Where There Is Magic There Is Power

A synonym for “magic” is “power”. How interesting that a thing which seems so intangible, whichView full post »

Training for the Creative Marathon

We can learn a lot from athletes. They know, factually and without dispute, that they must practice before theyView full post »