White Wall Wednesday: Episode 4

I think that there might be nothing more inspiring to me than using a simple space in a creative way. From the first time I picked up my camera I began standing in front of white walls (which was all I had, hence the decision) to make my images. It forced me to think of idea upon idea to try and fill the space and make it more interesting than the last. I found myself very frequently using my body and simple props or costumes to fill the space, paying attention to body form and texture as a means of communicating an emotion.

This lead me to finding the simplest Photoshop tools to be able to make my subject pop. My methods were, as many people would tell me along the way, sometimes inefficient or outdated, but it was mine and it was fun. I loved creating in the way that I did, and still do. It might not be the number-one-best-way-as-trademarked-by-“professionals” but I love creating, so I consider it a success.

This is the point of White Wall Wednesday. It doesn’t matter what you have to create with, or what your methods are. Yes, there are things to be learned by everyone at all levels. Yes, my Photoshop skills have evolved as I have grown as an artist. Yes, I will continue to find new ways of creating. But for now, in this moment, it is important that we embrace who we are and where we are in our craft. Never let anyone make you feel inferior because you haven’t been creating as long as they have, or if your methods are different. Are you having fun? Yes? Good. Stick with it and shine.

I hope that you enjoy this editing video! I loved making it and sharing a piece of myself.

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