White Wall Wednesday: Underwater

White Wall Wednesday: Underwater

If you know anything about me, you know that I am not all about spending a ton of money to create images. There is a time and place for it, but as a sustainable practice, it’s just not in the cards for me. And if I had to guess, it’s not in the cards for a lot of people.

One of those things that can get pricey is shooting underwater. It doesn’t have to be – I actually use a couple of inexpensive underwater options. For example, I opt for a comparably inexpensive camera for my underwater work (Sony RX100 III) which requires a smaller underwater housing because it’s a smaller camera. It works great and I love the setup. There are also bags for DLSRs, but that’s a risk you’re taking.

A few years back I started creating underwater images…without being in water. I love the practice. It always challenges me to think outside of the box. It challenges my editing skills. And it challenges my sensibilities about posing.

I had an absolute blast filming this White Wall Wednesday. I shot in one of my favorite shooting locations: an underpass. It was loud and weird and I hope you love the video. But guess what – for next week’s White Wall Wednesday, I’m doing a longer editing tutorial for this image!

What ways do you find to 1) Shoot around your budget, and 2) Create outside of the box?

17 thoughts on “White Wall Wednesday: Underwater

  1. I have never created in an underpass, I have been to one but it is about 100 feet from an abandoned railroad that is made of stone. So I get drawn to that! LOL
    The biggest thing to help me create on a budget is your videos, you always have great ideas, and know how to keep it simple. It really helps me from wanting to go overboard, and if that happens I don’t have the money for a pricey shoot which just bums me out on creating. So, thanks!
    As for creating outside of the box, I have found to create inside a box! If I don’t have a “Room” that fits the photo, I will take a picture of a cardboard box from the angle I want, then add textures to turn it into a perfect looking room.

    I can’t wait for next weeks video, this one was great! 🙂

  2. Thank you! This is so cool. I can’t wait to see how you put it together : )
    Have you thought of joining Patreon? I’m sure there are many people who would love to “subscribe” to you and support you a regular basis so you can keep making videos like this.

  3. Thank for a very inspirational video Brooke and always looking forward for your White Wall Wednesday instructional videos.
    I learn shooting in a budget from you. Before I always thought to have a beautiful shot that is worthy to be hang on the wall you have to spent a whole lot of money. After seeing lots of your tutorial, boy I was so wrong. Now I venture in discount store especially thrift stores to find my cheap dresses and props. Very exciting most of time to find something so cheap and yet so beautiful to photograph.
    I tried to think outside the box when it comes to my shot but most of the time my images revolved in my life experiences. Emotions that I have encountered that I cannot seem to express, I can easily evoke in an image. I have so many ideas floating in my head right now, unfortunately all my photography stuff got packed and put into storage. We have move to Alaska and still planning how we can have all my stuff sent to me. For now I am happy to watch you videos and make a journal.
    More power to you and long life so that the next generation of creative photographer can benefit from all your creativeness.

  4. I created a panel of 15 images, on a prop/wardrobe budget of €50. This, I find, forced you to become creative, especially when you have to reuse props but make them appear different (different size, colour etc through post processing).

    I find boundaries/restrictions make me more creative then if I had a limitless budget.
    If someone gave me €1000 to create an image I think my head might explode!

  5. Budget: Local models often have the props and wardrobes. If not, I will take the shopping… Goodwill and Party Store has some great stuff.
    Box: I usually have an idea or concept. The the environment / members of the shoot / and what is around provides inspiration. An Idea comes up and then the collaboration begins.

  6. You are just the best. Before I even watched this, I was looking for underpasses near by to shoot in 🙂 You’re so much fun to watch. I can’t wait to make my first “under water” photo!

  7. Your underwater pics are really cool. They look close to realistic.
    I’m an underwater photographer, who has spend a lot of money in his equipment. But I do mostly low budget shootings in a pool and move the pics afterwards (in my post processing) to the sea (or phantasea…). So I avoid the travelling cost and can shoot “everywhere” in the world…
    I often create with my shots underwater sceneries which did not exist – my way of out of the box thinking.

  8. I always try to shoot with a smal budget, and I’ve learned that a better knowledge of Photoshop might be very helpfull. It helps you create things beyond every imagination and for sure it helps thinking outside the box.
    I will make an underwater picture this evening, but will wait for the post process untill next wednesday :D.
    Thanks Brooke for sharing all this and most important for me is all the inspiration you give us.

    1. Now that I’ve made the pictures this evening, I can’t wait till next Wednesday :D.
      BUT with tons of other pictures I’ve loaded myself with a lot of other compositing work. I think that I took the wrong way in life to become an engineer…

  9. Your videos are very helpful – both in the concepts and processing of the raw images.

    The only downside is I tried one of your poses and had to go to the chiropractor to walk upright again.

    Keep up the good work.

  10. may sound silly…but simply seeing your name in my inbox reminds me to remain true to my passion…and your blogs are Light and Shadow and the Light of shadow and the shadow of Light. Which is where I find my own path. Mahalo from Honolulu

  11. You continue to amaze me Brooke. Your creativity is non stop and your creations really amaze me. Being laid up fighting a bad infection from surgery makes your daily posts something very exciting to look forward to. Please continue on this creative journey and allowing us to look over your shoulder. Keep up the great work.

  12. Hola Brooke, me llamo Ana y estoy fascinada con tu trabajo.
    Hace 4 años empecé con el maravilloso mundo de la fotografía y al tiempo te descubrí. Me encanta lo que haces y como lo haces, es muy difícil hacer lo que tu haces.
    En mi tiempo por la web iba descubriendo lo que me gustaba y poco a poco iba conociendo e, tu obra fue decisiva para ver lo que en realidad quiero. Te agradezco todo lo que me has aportado y sĂ­, me encantarĂ­a poder tener el ordenador con el que trabajas ahora. Mis medios son pocos pero si tuviera algo asĂ­, serĂ­a maravilloso. Saludos y sigue con tu trabajo que para mĂ­ es lo mejor que he encontrado.

  13. My voice is dark like my heart, I’m not going to say that I’m not happy, but deep within my queen’s restlessness, I do not find peace …

  14. I love and am drawn so much to your work, personality and teachings! You inspire and motivate me to think and get my creativity going! Thank you for being the amazing person you are, I appreciate you! ❤️

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