White Wall Wednesday: Yarn Challenge

White Wall Wednesday: Yarn Challenge

I’ve been pretty quiet on the video front even though it’s my favorite way of connecting. Travel, working through my art, you know, the usual! But I’m back and creating with you and I can’t wait for you to see this one!

The spirit of White Wall Wednesday is being creative in the space that you have. There are three main ways of doing this:

1. Move your subject to a new background by learning compositing.
2. Transform your wall into a different space rather than cutting your subject. Maybe use set design or composite elements in to make it more interesting.
3. Use an interesting prop or costume so that the blank white wall feels appropriately minimalist.

I went with approach #3 today, and I hope you like the result. But it’s not finished! This is part one of a two part WWW series. I’ve gone ahead and printed this image, and next week I’ll share some experimenting (really, really experimenting because I’ve never done anything like this before!) of how we could further transform the image without any digital techniques. We’re diving into alternative processes!

This week, I hope you’ll join the challenge. Create something using an intentionally blank space, but fill that space with something interesting enough to carry the story. Take it one step further – I challenge you to use yarn in your art piece!

Share links with me here, or tag them on social media with #WhiteWallWednesday.

For a while there (and I mean the past year and a half), I found it really difficult to create. My ideas seem half-formed, and every time I thought I should be shooting, I just didn’t want to. It was a tough period of time. Last week, after I got home from Promoting Passion, something changed. I took a few days for myself, but then my desire and drive came back. I did an impromptu photo shoot for my new series and I loved it. I shot this yarn image and loved it. I ran outside chasing the fog and had such an amazing time. I edited a couple of photos I had left sitting.

Suddenly I had the energy and excitement for the things I’ve always loved but had put aside. And I realized that my problem was not actually energy or excitement, it was fear.

Isn’t it always?

I’m hesitant to use the word fear because of how flamboyantly it gets tossed around. I didn’t have a direct fear of failure or fear of wasting my time. It was more of a subtle, very-difficult-to-notice fear; a culmination of shoots gone wrong, money wasted, time not spent wisely, laziness with my techniques…and that all built up into an anxiety over creating.

I mentioned in my PPC post that something in me broke. And it was a really, really good kind of breaking. A necessary snap to put me back where I was, but better and more self-aware.

Shooting feels fun again. I want to create. I want to fail. I want to wake up before the sun and run barefoot in a field. I want to shoot on my white wall and take back the power that comes from that.

The power that comes from a white wall. That’s why I do these videos. There is a certain power that comes from shooting with what you have and making it work. Even more power from making it amazing. And even more power from doing it no matter how it turns out. White Wall Wednesday is a taking back of creativity and telling roadblocks to move out of the way, politely, because we’re here to create.

So friends, I hope you embrace your white wall this week. Get some yarn and create whatever it is you want to create. There are no expectations here, except to make something. The very act of creating is where inspiration comes from. The finished product is such a small percentage of the process that we can’t put so much stock in it. What if we only aimed to have a great experience making something? Think of how your art would change.

Happy White Wall Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “White Wall Wednesday: Yarn Challenge

  1. Simplicity is beautiful as is this image. I’m glad you are back and energized. It gives me a lot of hope. I am working through your Creative Live course and loving it. I sketched out a few projects and started working on one. I’m new to photography and compositing so my skills are pretty rough. The image wasn’t looking anywhere near what it looks like in my head and I really wanted to give up. I have decided to push through it and see what happens. You are such an inspiration for art, for facing fear, for so much. So much love to you and your gifts. ❤️

  2. What a beautiful post! I accept the challenge and I’ll be working on my yarn pic. Let’s see what happens! Thank you for helping keep inspiration alive.



  3. I don’t think I have any yarn, I used to but it was such a mess I tossed it. Oops! LOL
    But I will give it a shot, I may have some yarn hiding somewhere.

    It makes me so happy to hear that PPC opened somethings up for you creatively, that is wonderful.
    The other morning we got an inch of snow overnight, and I ran outside with my camera and tripod first thing in the morning. within 5 minutes of being awake, I was laying in the snow taking photos, and it was wonderful! <3 PPC seems to bring this out in people. 🙂

    Adding yarn to a finished photo, this sounds like it was inspired by Sara a little. 🙂

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