11/31 July Challenge

11/31 July Challenge

For the video today I thought I’d just have fun and take you with me everywhere! My garage, forest, car, kitchen, office, and even yoga mat. I wanted to share a little bit more about what my day is like outside of just creating, though you’ll see the video is still almost entirely getting that photo finished! Today’s video is a bit silly, but I’ll get back to serious tomorrow, promise!

There is something really comforting about taking all these invisible friends (you) with me. Somewhere along the line talking to the camera became normal (probably from 2 years of creating a video every week!). I look at my lens and I see potential, openness and honesty. That is a really big deal for me, because I don’t often feel that I can be so open with a lot of people. Certainly not a lot of people who are in my life regularly. I may never know why that is, but I am grateful for this community.

I am still a really shy person, but not here, not with you, not in this way. I love sharing myself. I love feeling like I’ve got a few thousand of my closest friends right behind me as I sling my camera around my shoulder and traipse off into the forest. I really do feel that way. Have you ever had that experience of feeling a certain closeness to people you have never met?

Maybe I just sound crazy, like a lunatic who hears voices and finds that comforting (I kind of think that would be…but…let’s not go there…), but I really believe in the magic of community. In this one, especially. Because here, we’re all weirdos…and LOVING it.

I encourage you to embrace someone today – write to them, give them a kind gesture – because you never know just how much someone needs to feel a little less alone.

6 thoughts on “11/31 July Challenge

  1. They reason you love talking to invisible people is because you are, at you heart, a story teller. And without an audience, a story teller has no purpose. So you have collected an audience of weirdos that can’t wait for the next story.
    I love being one of your weirdos! Thanks for taking us on the journey with you.I love the piece, and need to find out how you are are able to change the color density of white and black dresses. I can never make it look real when I try—I can change things that have some color it it, but if they start white or black, I have nothing but trouble.
    Have a wonderful day

  2. You have no idea how happy it makes me to see you getting around so well, it is just wonderful!!! 🙂

    I’m not real comfortable in front of a video camera yet, but I am getting better. 🙂 I am definitely more comfortable with online communities, and like you especially this one! 🙂
    I love fun videos, without fun there is no point in living.
    You doing yoga in that fast speed really made me laugh, no offence. 🙂
    You have to get a better keyboard, that thing is going to kill your hands! However, I am typing this on a laptop, so I am no better. LOL
    Love the photo, can’t wait for tomorrow. 🙂

    YOU ARE DOING ANOTHER CREATIVE LIVE!?!?!? That is super exciting! 😀

  3. “Have you ever had that experience of feeling a certain closeness to people you have never met?”

    That’s how I feel when I watch your videos =) Although, I did meet you in Sept.
    But you understand.

  4. Thank you, Brooke, for each day that you spend with us. During this time,you became more than best friends!

  5. This is so wonderfully magical <3 Love the mood and your expression is so emotional and endearing..
    Loved being a little part of your day! The one thing that has struck me recently while watching these videos from your July image a day project… is how easily and freely you are able to move around safely in a variety of natural areas to photograph in. This is something I yearn for at the moment. Not that there are not spaces like this here, but the safety of many such places is becoming a major issue. Having recently being mugged by three men with knives while out hiking in one of my favourite hiking spots, this is something that is always on my mind, but more so after being mugged in my beloved mountains. And although I will not let this incident or the risks stop me, it is something that always weighs on my mind. As a result I have been rediscovering a nature reserve very close to where I live and scouting new places to hike and new locations to create in… I am thankful for many options still open to me that are safe, but saddened by many that I need to fear. Just wanted to share that with you and my wish that one day all spaces may be safe for all to enjoy…
    PS: Have you ever tried Yin Yoga? I have been practicing yoga for around 12 years (I started yoga when I started rock climbing), but have only recently over the past year tried Yin Yoga… and oh my gosh, I am so in love with it!!! If you ever get the chance, give it a try. It is magically intense and divine!

  6. What a lovely video! The image is also divine, as always. At this very moment, I feel a certain inspiration when looking at this image! This arm is giving me an idea! 🙂 It’s always a pleasure to be with you. Whether through these videos or in person. 😉 Like Margherita, one of the things I thought was also about the easy way which you move, shoot and film safely. OK! Now I will try to see what yin yoga is. See you!

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