17/31 July Challenge

17/31 July Challenge

Oye my loves, am I fired or forgiven?! I went road-tripping to Joshua Tree to check out a venue I might use later on, and I didn’t have internet. And then, my computer broke. So, I took that as a cosmic sign (re: excuse) to unplug and have a grand time with my best friend instead of running around trying to find a computer and internet to edit and upload on! I still got up every day at 5am and I beat the sun and did my shoots and made videos, but alas, I am late posting because of the desert situation. I take challenges such as this July creation challenge very, very seriously, so rest assured I did my part. The posting will just be a little bit late. I’m home now, and ready to share Mondays’ image/video!

I was surrounded by beauty, the kind that makes you move slower and appreciate more. The first morning I couldn’t sleep; I was excited to see the sunrise. So, I went outside when it was still dark and took a walk and thought about my concept, which I utterly abandoned in an attempt to be more present and to use what inspiration was surrounding me rather than what I anticipated. I ended up half naked in a bush, which was alright because I was quite utterly alone.

It only dawned on me halfway through my shoot that there was a silent retreat going on at the venue, so I wouldn’t properly know if someone was lurking about, but then again, they couldn’t say anything even if they did see me, so it was all fine.

The sun came up that morning like a ball of red fire spit from the mouth of a dragon. It rose fast and furious and licked the mountain with red that seemed to linger in a streak. I recorded a time lapse of it while I sat on a rock and watched. Before I knew it an hour had passed, and I was entirely alone (so I think) and incredibly at peace. Connected. Beyond connected – at one. Some people love cities and crowds and the excitement that calls out from parties and tall buildings and fast paces. I can’t say I am one of those people. Quite the opposite, I get panicked just thinking about those things. To be alone in nature, that is my calling. That is my bliss.

I think this simple video perfectly reflects the morning I had and the feeling of the image I created from it. I’m so glad I waited to share, as I couldn’t even see the whole image on my laptop and just knew it could be something better if I could just get home and love on it.

3 thoughts on “17/31 July Challenge

  1. If you had a nickel for everytime you ended up half naked in a bush! LOL
    The silent retreat thing really made me laugh! LOL
    I was just getting ready to shoot you a massage, I was hoping everything was okay. I know you would miss a challenge day unless you had no choice. So I am glad to hear all is well and that you had a great time!
    Beautiful video and photo, or photos rather! 🙂

    What happened to you computer?

    1. Aww thank you! Yes I am very dedicated, so missing a day wasn’t on my agenda, but did do all the shooting and as much editing as I could! My computer has a thick set of lines running down the middle so I can’t see that portion of the screen, and the colors are super off suddenly (not so good for editing a picture in color, hehe!). But, I’m home now and working overtime 😀

      Yeah…send in those nickels 😀

      1. Your laptop sounds like it can be fixed, but it is Mac (I thought it was at least) and Apple makes it very hard to work on their stuff. But it is probably the screen itself, or video drive.
        I hope it is an easy and cheap fix. 🙂

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