5 Affirmations

5 Affirmations

This morning I woke up in a bad mood. I can’t say why, I just felt a general grumbling toward the world. I felt unproductive and unmotivated. I wanted to crawl back in bed yet I wasn’t even tired. I walked around the house in circles, not sure of what to start working on first, as I waited for my friend to wake up so we could start the day. But then, as I was bending down to pet my cat, the sun came bursting through the window and hit my face. I was suddenly warmed and blinded and it stopped me in my tracks…the smallest hint of a glow and I was starting to feel better.

I realized, in that moment, that I was making a choice. I did not choose to wake up in a bad mood, but I was choosing to stay in one. No one was forcing me. When I evaluated what was wrong, I came up with nothing at all. There are some days when I feel this way and it lasts, and I listen to my body and rest. But on this day, something was different, and I wanted to explore how to change my feelings.

I thought more about change, and how powerful we are to create it. We can create change in ourselves, and only then can we change others. So today I decided to proactively take control and make myself happier. Instead of choosing to be in a bad mood, I decided to focus on the good…after all gratefulness is the best mood enhancer there is.

I thought about 5 different things, be it places or people or situations or ideas, that make me grateful to be alive.

1. I am creative enough to express myself. 

2. I am thankful for my other half.

3. I am fortunate to be surrounded by nature.

4. I am powerful enough to overcome negativity.

5. My life is just beginning.

I took my number 5 from this wonderful article on the Huffington Post about affirmations, that I think is a fantastic list that I’ll go back to frequently. And this is just my list for today. Who knows what will work for tomorrow, for there are endless affirmations to inspire us as our situation changes.

I saw this quote the other day by Eckhart Tolle that resonated with me so much, and really brings this post full circle:

“The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation, but the thoughts about it.

Be aware of the thoughts you are thinking.”

So true in so many ways. We must remember that whatever our feelings towards our circumstance, we have the power to control our reaction and move forward with a brighter outlook.

What are your affirmations?


*Image courtesy of Russell Andes, taken of me when preparing for my last creativeLIVE class.*


18 thoughts on “5 Affirmations

  1. Man, did I need to hear this this morning! I woke up in a “funk” as well. In fact, I’ve found myself in a bad mood for several days now. And, I’ve done the same thing – took a good, long look at how things are at the moment and found nothing wrong.

    I think number four in the Huffington Post article is the best fit for me at the moment, “I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions.” That statement alone makes me feel powerful and in control.

    Thanks for this post, Brooke! I have been a long time follower of your blog and always find inspiration in your articles. 🙂

    1. Today I have been second guessing my work like crazy and just plain feeling like I am not talented enough to fulfill the dreams that have been placed in my heart. I decided to go through your blog to catch up on any blog posts I have missed, because you are one of the greatest sources of inspiration for me. This post just happened to be the first one I read. What a great way to V8 slap me in the head and remind me I have control over my own feelings, that nothing can make me feel inferior and untalented without my consent.

  2. (((HUGS)))
    As you know, it is never where you start but always how you finish that counts. Taking a moment, being present and making that mental shift is always the key. I think your affirmations are a perfect way of making that shift happen. xo

  3. I find that I have to consciously tell myself to be positive and project outward happiness. Not that I am a miserable, mean or nasty person, I have just had a lot of crap happen in life, starting from a very early age (not that it is an excuse) so there is some kind of snap reaction that happens in my brain which I have to make a conscious effort to quell. I find that taking the George Costanza approach (do the opposite of my initial reaction) usually yields the best results. Thank you for the reminder to keep on that path and for showing (once again) you are human like the rest of us 🙂 <3

  4. Brooks! I need to say I absolutely love the direction this blog is going. It is such an uplifting thing to read. I am so happy to see that there are more and more people on the “light” path, looking for a brighter life, realizing it is there within us all the time. As you said, the choice is ours. Thank you for this beautiful morning read! Mucho amor!

  5. I needed to hear this today. I accepted a new job after being a stay at home mom for the last 5 years. It wasn’t the plan for me to go back to work yet but it’s necessary. I’ve woken up to crippling anxiety every morning and it’s so silly! This is a perfect job for me and I’m lucky to have it. Thanks for reminding me to count my blessings and not be afraid of change. This change is good.

  6. <3
    Our reality is a manifestation of our intentions and attentions. Affirmations are the key to our dreams!

  7. Affirmations are absolutely a powerful tool, just as the sun that creates energy. Your blogposts are some of the most powerful ones that touch me the most. You are so genuine and not afraid to share your dark as well as your light and how to route the darkness to lightness. The world needs more of you!

  8. Thank you for a great post. I don’t have affirmations as I find it more destructive if I fail at believing them that day! But I do follow the “it is not the day or situation, but your thoughts about it” to the tee. Usually it weeds out anxiety about something that may or may not happen. Usually a worse case scenario that in reality, could be worse! Sounds confusing but it works for me as most times that scenario isn’t life threatening or that bad when you process it. Love your work, love your blog and your honesty. Very inspirational.

  9. I love that Tolle quote. It is one of my favorites. I find that when I’m in a bad mood or I just don’t feel motivated to get work done that day if I remember the end goal it really helps inspire me. I read my goals for the year every morning to remind me why I’m working so hard right now. It really helps keep me focused.

  10. Don’t be so tough on yourself……us girlies have hormones which can take us in strange directions for no known reason. Ride the storm and it will soon pass (in my experience).

    Sometimes tho a bad mood can fuel my creativity, in many ways it makes me more confident. Or am I peculiar in that?

    My affirmation is a little crude so I apologise in advance…but I tell myself this……….. “you can wipe ur own butt” be grateful!

    Anyway glad you’re feeling more positive, see like I said didn’t last long.

  11. This is so great! It let me think about my motto 🙂
    I’m always saying: Everything is a choice.
    I mean that you wake up everyday and you can choose to be happy and focus on the good things or to be unhappy and focus on the bad thing.
    You can choose to love people or you can choose to hate them. You create your own life by making your own choices.

    In the same time “Everything is a choice” is the title of a series of photos I made 🙂

  12. That quote you found by Eckhart Tolle , is so true. And it applies to me in a way that you cannot imagine. Felt so good to read this quote. After all, and as I said once, life is made of moments and choices. And if the moment put me down, my choice put me up. Thank you so must Brooke. Even today, a great girlfriend said to me: “You are intelegente enough to overcome this moment of negativity”. So for today I thinking only 1 thing that make me thankful to be alive.
    1. Having the good fortune to see, hear, speak and embrace the good friends that I have and that feed my soul. * <3

  13. And here I thought I was an oddball. I am studying nutrition and into meditation, chakras, affirmations, hypnosis, reiki, etc. Or maybe I have just been living under a rock…

  14. I think accepting responsibility for your own happiness is a difficult thing to do but you are also accepting the power to then change your mood, day, life!

    The quote that best reminds me of this is by one of my favourite philosophers

    “Man is condemned to be free; because once thrown into the
    world, he is responsible for everything he does”

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