9/31 July Challenge

9/31 July Challenge

How many people live inside of us? How many versions of ourselves are waiting to be born, grow their voice, and take control of what they (and they alone) know is coming? Some of us wait and then struggle fiercely against the loss of that person we have known so intimately. For me, she dances away easily as though off to a place she’ll never come back from. I don’t mind watching her go. But others of us hold on to our skin so tightly, suffocating it, willing it to please, please stay where you are and be the same and never change.

It hurts us to become someone else, especially when who we always thought we would be is a distant memory kept alive by pure hope. We feel our skin unzipping to that slow uneasy click, click, click and we reach to hold it together. Our compulsions are too empty of meaning.

Inside she’s vibrant and whole and aching for her turn to die and be reborn again. I wish she never learns the pains of change. I wish she keeps her forward momentum until it is her turn to fall away.


15 thoughts on “9/31 July Challenge

  1. Pure beautiful poetry! I love it, and these words and photos resonate with all of us, if we just listen.
    Hope you have a beautiful day! 🙂

  2. Powerful work dear Brooke <3 Loved watching this piece together! This may sound odd, but I really like that image at the end of your blog post with the "empty" dress. It seem like an image in itself.

    1. Aw thank you Margherita! That image was the base for the start of this edit, so I thought I’d include it since it looked so creepy on its own 😀

        1. I thought the same thing, the empty dress is really cool!
          It has a lot of meaning on it’s one.

  3. Dear Brooke,
    I think this is amazing. How you express yourself because of your images and also in words. I want you to know you inspire me so very much. And I’m gratefull
    for that. Thank you X
    With love,

  4. I don’t think I’ll ever stop being baffled by your creativity. And by your incredible ideas and editing capabilities! It looks seamless. Wonderful, Brooke! <3

  5. Amazing piece and words, Brooke. I spent much of my day trying to rid myself of what felt was a lead weight inside my head and figure out why I felt so terrible. In a way, I felt as you say, trying to hold on to the person I used to be, but at the same time I felt like something I used to have was missing. After many tears and much meditation, I realized it is simply my spiritual self having been neglected. I need less screen time and more quiet time, I think.

  6. Your work is absolutley incredible. You are one of my all time favorite artists because of not only your talent but the raw passion. This image is amazing ❤

  7. Have you even loved someone so much that you wanted to pull down the zipper on their back, crawl inside with them, and become one with them? That’s what this reminds me of……

  8. a month later and i still can not stop staring at this. the emotion i feel looking at this is overwhelming. so much is going through me when i see this. i am inspired for my own art because this portrays my fascination with what lies underneath. it makes me close to crying because i see the symbolism of shedding yourself and where change is good its scary and unknown and a bit heartbreaking to lose pieces of yourself in the change that is unavoidable. but then i see what i want for myself in it. i want to overcome my depression, my negative aspects, my stagnation my fears that have in a way caused me to wither and begin to decay i want to shed them to a new way of life of positivity(how i love how amazingly optimistic you always are brooke) of motivation and movement of inspiration amd joy in making myself better.

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