Week 4 Challenge: Broken

Week 4 Challenge: Broken

I love the theme of “broken” for so many reasons. One is that it is a chance to dive deep into what hurts us. Another is because it is a chance to dive deep into what hurts others. But even more importantly, it’s a lens through which we can look at hope and redemption.

Whatever you do with the theme, I can’t wait to see which direction you take it.

I’ll pull some of the art that I see this week to feature!
Use the hashtag #PromotingPassionChallenge so I can find you!

Here is some food for thought. Enjoy the challenge, and remember to push yourself creatively!

I shot this at a shipwreck in New York!
Part of my newest series, Begin Again. This image: “Reflection: Sown”.
Getting darker!
I created this with stock image of a hole in a floor + tons of shots of smoke and flour!
Coming from within.

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