Creating “The Rose Garden”

Creating “The Rose Garden”

There lies in all of us a specific and very personal vision that only we can see. It does not manifest itself outside of an abstract form until we give it a face and name others can understand. Sometimes we call that art. It is the physical creation of what we harbor inside of us. Creativity. Dreams. Forward momentum.

This is an idea I am in love with. Imagine how differently we would all see each other if we looked at strangers and saw bodies filled with potential. We all carry a story inside of us, a veritable rose garden of beautiful ideas that, if shared, would brighten the world.

Imagination, for so many of us, is our life blood. It is what carries us through the world, gives us strength and courage to be different, and reaffirms our choices when we are in doubt. It is what defines us, it is what makes us whole, and it is what we so badly want to share with others.

Yesterday I was thinking about these ideas, abstract as they may be, and wanted to make them more concrete. I wanted to represent them in an image. My first thought was of imagination as blood, since it feels so necessary for survival, and what the scene would look like should someone’s imagination leak out of them. But then I realized that imagination does not simply “leak”, it explodes. I had a vision of red cloth folding around my face and bursting up the wall. Then I thought about roses, and the symbolism of something in bloom, and how much a garden must be tended to in order to thrive, much like our imaginations. The combination struck a chord in me, and I went out to create.

This is my challenge to you: 

Create an image with a blank wall and a piece of fabric.

I want to see your imagination explode, theoretically. Let’s show the world what can be done with the most limited of resources and a lot of heart. 


“The Rose Garden” is a self-portrait taken February 2015 in my bedroom.

13 thoughts on “Creating “The Rose Garden”

  1. I have a shoot scheduled with a friend, and was brainstorming ideas, but a shoot like this would be perfect!
    On another note, I really appreciate you blogging about things like this. I always look forward to your posts, photos, and advice, you are SUCH an inspiration to me. Thank you so much for instigating passion and motivation in others, including myself. Photography brings me such joy and meaning, and seeing your work only pushes me more to be the best I can be.

  2. hehehe now that i’m newly PINKED……………i’ll have to do this challenge…and it IS a challenge…i don’t have a blank wall LOL *laffing* but i shall do and try! YAY

  3. I created this last night. I’m doing a 28 day photo challenge I devised, a combination of themes and one light studio set ups. I needed something to combat my winterness lack of inspiration. Last night was “low light” and the theme was “The Fortune Teller.” Conscious or not, I know you are in this image somewhere. So this is me, red fabric, blank space. Thanks for always being an inspiration.


    P.S. Check your P.O. box. 🙂

  4. This was perfect timing for me – I recently moved house and I haven’t had time to explore new locations to shoot, but I do have a blank wall!
    I was also inspired by the theme of inspiration and creativity and the ways they burst forth. I wanted to portray a blank canvas being transformed into something big, amazing, beautiful and infinite. I wanted my subject to be putting her whole being into creating because that’s how I feel when I create.

    1. Andrea I really like your image but was shocked to see it has only been viewed 25 times. You should start posting your images in some flickr groups and share your art with the world 🙂 Great stuff tho

    2. Thanks Laura – I’ll post to groups today! I wonder if Brooke has ever thought about starting a Promoting Passion Flickr group? It’s a great community here, it would be awesome to be able to share and support each other in that way 🙂

  5. Thanks for this great challenge, Brooke… I was excited when I read this the other day… then went home and thought, “But I have no ideas for this! Brooke already did it!” As usual, homework is hard sometimes… even when it is your favorite subject.

    I’d been thinking and thinking on it, and finally came up with a concept yesterday, went home, and shot last night. The piece has evolved, and I think I’ am going to be very happy with this one! And to think, it wouldn’t have happened otherwise. It feels about done, but, I’ll go to bed, happy, and take another look in the morning to see if it is really done. Can’t wait to post it when it is thought.

    Thanks for helping us to push the boundaries of our own ideas, Brooke. BOOM!!!!! Imagination.

    1. Beautiful image Robin – we did have similar thoughts! I think as artists we have such a natural urge and need to create and be inspired that it makes sense to relate that to universal ideas like the sun and sky and stars – elements that are vast, beautiful and full of potential.

  6. A perfect challenge to get me going , would love to have you give us more challenges this year 🙂 now I’m off to try find a blank wall!

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