Dear Reader, Maybe You Suck

Dear Reader, Maybe You Suck

Dear Reader,

Maybe you’re no good at your craft. Maybe you aren’t as creative as you think you are. Maybe you have no talent. Maybe you’re doing all this work for nothing. Maybe your business will never grow. Maybe your future will be filled with failures.

Or maybe you are good at your craft. Maybe you are creative. Maybe you do have talent. Maybe all your work will pay off. Maybe your business will grow exponentially. Maybe you will find many successes. Maybe you will see failures as opportunities.

Never spend time worrying about what might happen when you can control the decisions you make. Never spend time thinking about negatives as though they are facts. Every experience is waiting for you to choose a side: good or bad. Will you turn your experiences into something inspirational, or not?

You are as powerful as you believe yourself to be, for all of your collective memories, experiences, and dreams are in your hands and yours alone. Do with them what you will, but remember how precious they are. They belong to you only, so treat them with respect and reverence.

Create and dream and live with power. Do so with passion and love. Treat yourself with respect and all of your experiences will be more meaningful. Life is a rich series of events. Do not follow them along or chase them in circles, but build them with your own two hands and believe you can make a life worth living for yourself.

Too often we live our lives in fear of the future because of the maybe that everything will fall apart. But, just maybe you will live the life of your dreams. And if we do away with the maybe entirely and recite an I will,  that is far more likely to happen.

I will live my dreams.



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  1. I really needed this. I recognize that this is my biggest challenge and that I am my biggest obstacle. Thank you for the reminder. <3 u.

    1. I remember sitting with you, chatting, and thinking about how if you could just see the talent you have, you will soar. Yours is a rare and beautiful magic that, as you know, I would plaster all over my walls and stare at forever.

  2. i am going to print this and read it everyday. this is what stops me and it is silly. if i don’t get out there and try then i already failed myself. i do fear everything falling apart but it won’t kill me right? it is scary to think i might fail at my dream but if i don’t doanything then my dream remains an untouchable dream. ok thank you brooke for this, i have been “procrastinating” doing things and this reminded me why i was And that its silly to think those bad thoughts.

    1. What I love about you is how fearless you are. You are creating works that are dark and strange and beautiful in both those ways, but that others might not understand. Yet you keep with it and carry on because it is YOUR art. Always believe your dreams are worth it. I think they are!

  3. How did you know I need to read this? How did you know that these words would change the outlook of my entire day? I love you my dear friend.

  4. This is exactly what every artist needs to read everyday. Letting go of all those maybes can be hard but so so worth it. I am getting to the point of hopefully being able to slow down possibly quit my “job” and pursue my art full time. It is terrifying but I giggle and smile while I think about it because I know even if I fail I will win because dream chasing is really all that mattes in the heart. I try not to let those what if and maybes creep in at all. Reading your blog every week helps me shew those thoughts away. I honestly just phft the notion out loud when in conversation and people bring up “what if you quit and no one buys anything?” You breathe light into the focus of passion and the hopefulness of a bright future full of art. Thanks Brooke <3

    1. Andrea, I am so happy for you. And that is exactly the right mindset – you are winning already if you are doing what you love. The rest is cake 🙂

  5. Brooke,

    Your words are as beautiful and soul touching as your photos. I think you’re an amazing person and I just want to thank you for being such a great inspiration to me and so many others.

  6. I ventured out for my first shoot in the forest today. 2 hours later I was cold, muddy and had sap all over my feet but it was fun and I came back exhausted but smiling. I know that the image I was trying to create might not come out this time but I learnt so much from the hundreds of failed takes! Thank you Brooke for inspiring me to do something different.

    1. You are amazing Emma!! I am so glad that you went out and well, went all out!! How wonderful 🙂 Do share the image if it works out!

  7. Wise words as always from a soul I believe has lived a thousand lifetimes……….I may be losing my main job this week so everything you say has a strong message for me. I want my photography to be my main focus and God willing it will be 🙂 Onwards and Upwards!

  8. As always, wonderfully written! Thank you for continually encouraging us and helping us to believe in ourselves, our art and our dreams, you are a constant voice of inspiration in a world full of possible disappointments…

  9. It’s too easy to worry and focus on what might go wrong when what we should be doing is focusing on what might go right. That’s a lesson I’ve been learning recently. As a constant worrier I’ve had to recognize that my worries and fears were keeping me from experiencing the life of my dreams. Thanks for the lovely words they re-enforce the changes I’ve been making.

  10. Thank you for this reminder Brooke, it comes at a great time! Though mine would be addressed: Dear Contrarian Me! As always it is a pleasure reading your pearls of wisdom, they help snuff that annoying little voice in my head that is always seeking to undermine me 🙂

  11. Very much needed to hear this today, your posts have an uncanny ability to pop up right when I need them. Thank you for always being not just an inspiration but a reminder, of hope, love, passion. You truly have a beautiful soul <3

  12. Just what I needed to read this week. I have been up against so many obstacles lately, between health, 2 careers, and making it all work cohesively. Thank you.

    1. I wish you lots of positive energy as you deal with those struggles and you’ll be in my thoughts!

  13. I felt as though you were speaking directly to me. Lately I feel like my motives are coming from the wrong place….I NEED to get back to the core and remember why I became so passionate about photography in the first place. It wasn’t fame, recognition or money….it was love and memories and creativity. Thank you Brooke!!

    1. I get caught up in those same pitfalls, but the important thing is to be introspective enough to understand their downsides and to pick yourself up and move forward. You are awesome 🙂

  14. Happy to have found you via a link on David duChemin’s website today. A blog that is right up my alley! Inspiring for sure. Thank you for doing what you do so well. I look forward to receiving my RSS feed notices of your new posts.

    1. Thank you so much John! I really appreciate that. I’m glad to have you hear and look forward to discussions in the future 🙂

  15. Thank You so much for this, Brooke! I always spend time worrying about the future. About everything you said. If i really have talent, if i am just wasting my time, if I will go anywhere with my photography, or just my life i general. One thing that keeps me hopeful is my faith. Proverbs 3: 5-6. ” Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path”. I consider this my life verse because i worry constantly, and saying this verse to myself is the only thing that can make me stop for a second and ponder on God and His greatness and remembering that i can trust Him completely. I am still working on believing in my self and believing that i can do anything i set my mind too, but, i know that will come in time. Thank you for being a continuous inspiration in my life. 🙂

    1. I can definitely relate Rebecca – I have been a big worrier my whole life and there have been many times when it brought me down. It may sound cliche, but I tell myself that I can be a worrier or a warrior and I have to fight through it and realize that my dreams are worth going after. I can’t wait to see where your journey leads you!

  16. I have to tell you, I was rather taken aback at the title of your blog post–I thought, “That doesn’t sound like Brooke at all!”

    We can take our gifts and work with them, we can take our non-gifts and learn from them. I used to be upset if people didn’t like my photos, now I laugh when they say they don’t understand me! Because what I create is for me, my vision, my story.

    😀 Thanks for everything!

  17. Never spend too much time thinking! or you’ll get confused 🙂 . I am not saying here that thinking is a bad thing, I know that this is one of the best things we have as humans and great things came from it. It’s ruminating and obsessing what can lead us to unhealthy mind stated. trying my best lo live my dreams too. Gracias Brooke! Mucho Amor <3

  18. You have been an inspiration ever since I saw your work. Artists like you gives me strength to persue my visions and goals. Keep inspiring.

  19. Dear Brooke,

    I love your works, your videos and your words.
    I’m in an art school, I’ll be graduate in a few months. I’m so scared of my future, I want to be a photographer but I lack self confidence, even my teachers tell that.
    You’re a real inspiration, and I hope, that one day, I’ll be as good as you.


  20. This is just so so good, I love your words as much as stour photos. I am my own worst enemy and I know that. But I can change that and I will.

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