Homage to Mother Nature

Homage to Mother Nature

As I plan and prep to shoot something different to what I’ve been doing lately, I needed a day of down time to edit something familiar. Do you ever feel like you need to recharge your batteries and do something that reminds you of why you love your craft? That was how I felt the other day when I started piecing this image together. I shot it back in January and only now dug it up. I finally felt ready to re-visit this concept that I had photographed before.

Each has a different meaning for me, though all relating back to nature. The first was photographed in my hometown, and it was important to me to feel at one with nature as I had felt while living there, and still so often do. The second was for a more magical feel, as though the leaves were cloaking the subject as she stood and allowed it to happen. And finally this new one, a Mother Nature homage, as the character stands upon a dead and dull landscape. She breathes life into it.

This next week I’ll be taking some lights out into the forest for the first time, planning some bigger concept images, and working more on storytelling. These are the areas I feel I need to work harder and so I am. People don’t get places by standing still, after all!

(Though it does feel nice to rest your feet from time to time!)

Model: Stephanie Perez


7 thoughts on “Homage to Mother Nature

  1. I love these so much! I wish I had the patience to do something like that haha. And I’m SUPER excited to see what you do with the lights!! Good luck 😀

  2. What a beautiful image and tone, like dark jewels.

    My husband was saying a few months ago that he thought you’d be doing additional lighting within a year. I wondered. Can’t wait to see where it takes you (and us)!

  3. This is a tremendous series! Very breathtaking in the statements each photo makes, however, still elegant and simple. I have to wonder how many hours go into creation of the dresses in images like these? The transitional color palette between the images is truly beautiful!

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