Promoting Passion Week 36: Promote Passion!

Promoting Passion Week 36: Promote Passion!

Somebody said to me once that if I don’t share my passion with the world, I am doing the world a disservice. That is some tough advice to take because it forces you to not only acknowledge but accept your worth. But the truth is that we are all worthy, and beyond that, we all have something to give. The less we share of ourselves, the less the world can grow and change and be influenced by the passion we all have inside.

Promote PASSION.

1. Encourage by example.

DO something, and others will be inspired to DO something as well. Action inspires action. The best way to motivate someone is to dive in first. Others will follow in their own way and time.

2. Try everything TWICE.

I have a rule for myself that states I will always try everything twice. Fashion photography. Brussel sprouts. Writing a book.

No matter what it is you’re trying, try it twice…at least. That is the only way you can avoid making quick decisions based on fear. The more you allow yourself to try, the more you can truly narrow down your passions.

3. Don’t apologize.

If you have a passion, shout it to the world. If you love something, don’t be afraid to say it. Call yourself what you are. Become what you do.

For example, one day, despite making almost no money from photography, I had to call myself a photographer. I didn’t really feel like one, since I thought all photographers were published in Vogue and made hundreds of thousands of dollars. Delusions. And then I realized that I was short-changing myself by not calling myself a photographer. By avoiding those words and skirting around the subject, I failed to instill confidence in other people about what I do, and I didn’t let my inner light shine.

So now I say confidently what I am, based simply on my passions and the hope that one day they can all be part of my business. I am a PHOTOGRAPHER, WRITER, SPEAKER, FILMMAKER, EDUCATOR…and above all else, I am a STORYTELLER. Not because I am great at those things, but because I love them.



7 thoughts on “Promoting Passion Week 36: Promote Passion!

  1. Thank you, Brooke. I am a 61 year-old photographer (income from another area) and have been following you for a few years now. You continue to inspire me to cultivate this passion and allow it to grow…. and change me.
    You are a remarkable person…blessings to you.

  2. I’ve always liked photography but I was never a big fan of manipulating the photo. For me, the manipulation was just small adjustments in portraits. And this, perhaps, because a lack of courage to try. Since I follow you, I got that courage, I created a fanpage and I not afraid to try and to show. I continue to work in that image I promised you to show, but if it was to few years ago probably you would never see the photo. For that you’ll be in my heart and I thank you for helping me to take this step. You are awesome.

  3. Thank you, Brooke. You are always inspiring to me. I have been an artist (though not necessarily making a paycheck from it) yet you have encouraged me to pursue my dream of illustrating and photography. I don’t think of those as deviations but continuations of my art pursuits and I feel the freedom to take them as far as I can. Thank you for being a positive influence. There are so many negative voices out there (including in my own head) that it is a breath of fresh air to listen to a positive voice encouraging you to try everything. Thanks again.

  4. Hi brooke, i’m new to your beautiful world of photography and art and well in the field of photography in general, i found your passion for what you do incredible and i want you to know that it has touched me deeply. i love your art and your photographs.
    i saw a few of you vlogs and i am extremely inspired by what you speak. i hope you do the best from the bottom of my heart, im glad to have bumped into such a talented person like you.
    like i said earlier, i am a newbie in this vast field of photography, the place i come from offers me very little support for my passion and i’m forced to feel that i am not very good at what makes me happy (photography) for once i’ve found something that makes me feel this complete and fills me with inner peace and pure satisfaction. with your wonderful vlogs i’m still learning how to stick to what i’m passionate about and what fills me with happiness and forget what the world around me says or judges. Although it’s difficult, but i won’t give up. thanks to you. if i cannot cultivate my passion for whatever reasons today, then tomorrow i definitely shall. i’m also afraid to call myself a photographer yet since i’m still new, although im not sure how new is new going to be and till when and also because of the fear of being mocked at.
    i also would want to know, when should you know you’re good at what you do? is appreciation from the masses something that should decide the worth of what makes me happy and what i do? i’m a little confused. sorry.

  5. Hello Brooke, I just “found” you and I’m so glad I did! 🙂 Your work is amazing (you know that) and the way you talk about passion, art, friends, work, anything is really inspiring. You have a lovely way of expressing your ideas both in your pictures and your way of talking!
    The video of week 36 inspired me to write a blog post about your message, not to apologize for your passion. I’m a translator, copywriter and fairy tale author, and I just started to learn a new “languages” which is photography. I love it so much! Because of my fairy tale background, many pictures have a fairy tale touch. I got the camera 9 months ago, but I have already stared to “write poems” with it. It’s a beautiful way to express yourself.
    So thank you for your inspiration! I will certainly watch all your videos. 🙂

    All the best from Germany,

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