Reach Greater Depths

Reach Greater Depths

Reach greater depths.

Do not allow yourself to be defined by where you are now, but instead by where you are going.

The journey is dark, yet when a shining light brightens a dark room it seems more powerful than the same light added to a bright room.

Any light, no matter how dim, will guide you through the darkness.

When you realize that light must come from within, not from those who may walk beside you, you are infinitely powerful.

We possess the strength to move forward, try harder, dream bigger, and do the things we wish for.



6 thoughts on “Reach Greater Depths

  1. i love how you throw everything in perspective amazingly… like my brain cant figure it out…i read your posts and im like YES duh why havent i figured thhis out? so thank you.

  2. It is not always that easy and we have to realise this. In hospital last year I firmly believed I was dying and that the light would go out. I was wrong but one cannot help depression in time of need.

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