New Blog for New Ideas

New Blog for New Ideas

2014 was a year that I did a lot of planning. I was positioning myself to readjust this year and do something different. And here I am, doing it, just as planned. Except that as you’re living it, you have no idea of the outcome, and so you worry and fear and amble on in the hopes that the end point is just as awesome as the beginning and middle. What I mean to say is, when we make transitions in our lives, we spend a lot of time worrying about how it will all turn out. But in my experience, the more you find yourself present and engaged in the work to get to that end goal, the less it begins to matter.

Right now I am in the thick of change, enjoying every gosh darn second of it. I redesigned my blog and couldn’t be more thrilled about it. I love change. I find it necessary and therapeutic. I am about to announce a convention, and while I’m nervous, it is truly my passion. When passion strikes it is not healthy to keep it subdued. I’m gearing up for a lot of travel. In the next 2 months I’ll be going to Wisconsin for After Dark, France to host a retreat, Spain for some R&R, Iceland for a reunion with a retreat group from last year, and Australia to speak at a conference.

It is those times, when so many big projects are in the air, that you realize the need to simply be. And that is why I pulled some of these images. They are small moments from last year that I took time to be in the moment, and I remember those moments as clear as crystal dancing in my mind. The moments where, between the chaos and confusion, you see everything clearly, and you know that no matter what happens, your moment cannot be taken from you. So while I hope for all the best outcomes, I will continue to enjoy the in-between. Because when we live between the chaos, we enjoy the bliss.

2 thoughts on “New Blog for New Ideas

  1. i am literally BURSTING to know about your convention…i have waited for sooooooooooooo long…and i don’t think i could do any other conventions….after going to after dark…hard to beat that…and find connections like that.

    *patiently waiting for dates/location*


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