Promoting Passion Video Blog: Live What You Love

Promoting Passion Video Blog: Live What You Love

Last week I felt like I needed to get away. I had a moment where I put my head down and just let myself dream. And when I did that, I thought of a fairy, and the forest, and what I could do with that inspiration. Soon it morphed into something entirely different, and I found myself, about one hour later, flinging my body onto a rock in the middle of a creek.

And all of this is wonderful – my favorite thing to do – aside from the fact that I forgot to bring my remote and had to run across a rocky creek in bare feet while flinging myself on top of a rock to pose in under 10 seconds.

It was so much fun though. I couldn’t imagine, in that moment, spending my time any other way.

And I’m pretty sure the fly fishermen couldn’t imagineΒ why I was spending my time that way. Tehe! But I loved it. I live for that. Adventure and fulfillment excitement so much, and that day, I felt both tenfold. To be able to inspire yourself for an image is an amazing feeling, but to inspire yourself in life is invigorating. To me, that is what keeps the passion alive. It isn’t so much about what the picture looks like, but what it took to take it. To run out in the forest barefoot and feel at peace with my surroundings – that is my happy place.

I hope you find it to be just as comforting. Now…go liveΒ your passion!

34 thoughts on “Promoting Passion Video Blog: Live What You Love

  1. πŸ™‚ … Thanks for the reminder that small setbacks sometimes yield great results.

    Just a thought though…
    Why not set up an interval sequence… let it shoot 10-20 shots or so with 5-10 seconds between allowing you to run through the positions?

    Either way… fun share for a Monday morning πŸ™‚
    Thank you.

    1. Sorry… just realized that many of the Canon models dont have the interval shooting options. Of course you would have thought of that anyway.


      And besides… we would have missed the great video opportunity πŸ™‚

    2. Alex, thank you! That is a fantastic idea. I’ve been trying to set my camera like that but I just can’t seem to figure it out. I messed with it for a good 20 minutes when shooting this to try and get the burst shooting to work after the timer, but never did get it to work. If anyone has an easy solution for the Canon 5d mkii, that’d be awesome!!

    3. Brooke,
      What is the Model Canon you have?

      And when I use the intervalometer on my Nikon, I dont worry about the timer. If your Canon model has it built in, you can just just snap a couple shots of yourself walking over πŸ™‚

      If you find that it doesnt have one built in and you want to buy one of the relatively inexpensive attachments to do it, I think you will still find it wonderfully useful for Self Portraits as it frees up that “remote hand”.

      Just let it start snapping and both hands are free to do what you will for 5 or 10 shots. It’s a GREAT way to remove that anchor of a remote when you’re trying to be expressive. This would be a wonderful freedom for the work you are often doing.

      πŸ™‚ Hope this helps.

    4. There are (at least) two ways to do it with the Canon 5D II.

      1. you can use an external intervalometer. I use the Yongnuo MC-36 C3.
      2. you can install Magic Lantern software.

    5. Brooke,
      Either option Antony mentions would well worth it for you I think.

      The Magic Lantern install is a pretty big step though compared to the inexpensive external intervalometers.

      Either way though, I think you would LOVE having the camera click every 2-3 seconds for 20-30 seconds while you work through your poses with no need to try and use/hide a remote πŸ™‚

      Shared your video on FB. Too many people see setbacks as a quick reason to stop the shoot. You show that fun and persistence are not mutually exclusive πŸ™‚


  2. Hey Brooke! Im a brazilian Fine Art Photography and you already inspired me and all my studants. You are my first reference. I will publish a Fine Art book soon and I would like to know if I can use somenting about your work. Lots of kisses and kindness.

  3. Haha! This was the perfect way to start my Monday! So fun! And I have to admit that this photo is honestly one of my all-time favs from you ever! Well worth the pain. Thanks for the smile, Brooke! πŸ˜€

  4. I so enjoy watching you work, and seeing your creations. Not many would go through all that just for a picture. My only questions is why you didn’t use the 20 second timer?

    Amazing work as always, you inspire a whole generation of young photographers.


  5. I so understand what you’ve been through!
    I do not have any remote, I once spent my afternoon running barefoot in the forest… That night I realized that I had, I don’t know, maybe 20 splinters?!
    And last week I also went shooting in an incredibly freezing water… I cut my foot, and I actually felt NOTHING: my feet were too cold, they couldn’t feel anything anymore!
    I think those 2 shootings are some of my very favorites!

  6. Oh my god, if I was doing something as hard as that and I forgot the remote, I probably would go home and do it another day haha but it seems like a fun (and hard) challenge!
    You look so happy it’s awesome πŸ˜€
    The picture turned out amazing <3 and I also really love the bts picture!!

  7. Oh my goodness! That was great…funny and I can totally relate…but funny. πŸ™‚ I don’t have a remote so this would be how I would have to do it. I can only imagine what the fishermen were thinking. LOL

  8. Oh my, I would have been so frustrated! Way to go Brooke!

    P.S. Since your post about going out and finding inspiration by doing something that frightens you or that you haven’t done before I have shot two self-portraits and I don’t think I have ever felt as much fulfillment in any of my photographic work as I have in those two portraits. Thank you for your inspiration! After this video I think I’m inspired to keep pushing through even if a shoot doesn’t go as planned!

  9. Dear Brooke,
    You are so wonderful, to share these work that you do. By all these the way you help inspire to go towards our passion is totally divine.Thanks, Great result , Loved it. πŸ™‚

  10. I admire you for your persistence and not wanting to say ‘forge it’ when I know many would have. This is absolute perfection.. and passion.. Thank you for inspiring my monday!

  11. Hey it’s me again !! Awesome vid.. Loved the photo, I don’t actually have a remote and I always use the 10 sec timer, just where I’ve never got a remote, really need to get one haha i tried to run up a ladder and pose laying on it, and its basically impossible so… this must have been hard for u on pointy rocks ahh !! When i used the ladder it was all wobbly where i ran onto it ! BAD IDEA heads up, don’t use timer with ladder !! :L unless you like pain like my odd friend.. O.o

  12. Hi Brooke,
    Your work is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with us. You could use Canon’s intervalometer to make the camera to take shots at set intervals. I use the Canon Timer Remote Controller TC-80N3 for time lapse movies on my 7D, it also works on a 5DmkII. You could set it up for any length between shots. There are less expensive off market ones as well. Here is a B&H link.

  13. The effort you put into creating this photograph is phenomenal, and it paid off. It’s certainly one of my favourite photos of yours.

    I’ve recently converted from Nikon to Canon, are there any decent lenses that you recommend?

  14. Thanks for sharing how hard or simple at times it can be to construct a shot that is in your mind. Think I need a remote! Loved seeing how this image came together. Love your mind!

  15. Brooke! your last images are so gorgeous. Love, love, love what you are creating. Love the video too, very funny, I can feel the dress getting heavier and heavier with the water. Mucho Amor!

  16. HI BROOKE!

    WOW! I just wanna say that you are my biggest inspiration! Your personality, your beautiful smile, and your amazing work. You always make me happy! πŸ™‚ Keep on going! Greetz from Holland!x

  17. The other day I was feeling kind of sick, but I had an idea for a painting. Despite feeling bad physically I sat down with a canvas and started to paint. Time flew by and I forgot about how terrible I felt. When I finished the painting I went to bed. When I woke up, I looked at the finished painting and was so happy with what I’d created.

    There is no better feeling than creating something. When you have a story you feel a need to tell running back and forth in barefeet across a rock creek bed is worth it. I love seeing your passion for art and life.

  18. Oh my goodness, I love your spirit! That little bit at the end was too cute! You’re positively indomitable, but I really felt for you about 3 river-dashes in. You always make me feel so excited for my next adventure, whatever that winds up being.

  19. I can not stop laughing!!! My poor brooke, you really fought hard for this one. You didn’t give up. Dare I tell you , that I think there is a setting in your camera called interval shooting (nikon has it) – Where you can set your camera to shoot an 1 shot every 15 sec’s or so… So like you can set the number of images to 20, and have a 10 sec pause in between. Check it out for Cannon =) I love you to pieces!

    1. cleary i did not read the other posts that mention this. so disregard… but not the love you to pieces part. Keep that.

  20. I can’t imagine a most passionate person than you!! It really did look hard. Every day, I notice more and more that you live for what you do and that is the most wonderful thing in the world! I love watching these videos and learning from you constantly.

    You are an incredible role model and I am humbled to have been able to meet you! You are a powerful woman, my friend!

  21. My first self portrait levitation shot, I ran back and forth and flung myself onto a barrel while using the self timer. Since I lost my remote on my last shoot, that’s what I’ll do again today.

    Thanks for sharing!

  22. For m y first self portrait levitation image, I used the self timer, running back and forth and flinging myself onto a barrel. As I lost my remote on my last shoot, I’ll have my exercise program while doing something similar today!

    Thanks for sharing the adventure.

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