Promoting Passion Week 41: Share YOUR Story

Promoting Passion Week 41: Share YOUR Story

I am sitting in our retreat house in Hawaii right now. A beautiful woman named Sheila is sitting nearby – she is like my long lost sister. Another named Amani, who I’ve had the privelage of knowing this last year, is on a great journey and I shared the last few days with her. This morning Robin, another who is at our retreat, came and gave me a necklace to wear as a princess headband. And when I said goodbye to Joe today, he told me that we’ve had a life-changing experience together. Everyone has touched me in such amazing ways and I am fortunate to have spent time with all 11 of them this week. Each one so different, each one with a story that needs to be told.

We talked a lot these last few days about personal story, and how important it can be to put that story out there for others to benefit from. It is healing for the artist and for others. I asked some of them to share what their story is, and I commend them for bravely stepping forward to do something which puts the soul front and center.

Thank you to all of the people who are making my stay in Hana so incredible and life-changing. Today is the last morning of our retreat, and my parents are coming to spend time with me here until Friday. I am doing my best to put work aside and focus on being present, so after a few more hours of crunch time, I’m going to be cooking a lovely dinner for my family and eating it on the beach.

Aloha – blessings to all, as I so lovingly learned.

Image taken at the Red Sand beach here in Hana, modeled by Marsha Denlinger.

8 thoughts on “Promoting Passion Week 41: Share YOUR Story

  1. Brooke, you look sooooo happy. Your smile towards the end looks incredibly genuine. You have no idea how glad I am for you getting to experience how beautiful that place is. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Have fun with the family:)

  2. As a rock climber, I identify very much with this image… But more than that, it’s that life hanging in the balance… living on the edge… where is the edge… Love this image Brooke! The colours and tones come alive <3

    Most of my portfolio is self-portraiture as in most instances my work is autobiographical in nature. My work are my stories and my emotions.

    I began self-portraiture purely for practical and convenience reasons, but soon found it to be a whole genre in its own right. What it gave back to me in return though was so much more. I found a means of expression. A way to heal the heartbreak and a way to celebrate the joy.

    Have a wonderful time with your family Brooke.

    PS: Amani, you are so cute!!! <3

  3. Hi Brooke! Today I tried to tell my story in one single picture. My story as a fairy tale writer is: Fantasy is a treasure, you carry it around and can look at it anytime you want (or need). It’s a very simple picture, but I like it and shared it in my blog with my readers. Thanks for the inspiration. :o)

  4. Hi Brooke, first of all I wanted to say a few months back I discovered your photography and watched some of your YouTube videos and you are one of the most inspiring people I’ve come across. I almost have no words for your photography I mean it’s the stuff of dreams. I’m gonna try not to gush all over this comment box but you have an amazing talent. I was so happy to come across your blog today, I had no idea you had one! I look forward to reading more of your posts and getting to see your amazing photography. Maybe I’ll pick up a skill or two?
    xx Maria A.

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