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On My Decision to Take a Teaching Hiatus

I have always been open about my love of education. Growing up I wanted to be an English teacher. I thought my path wasView full post »

The Life We’re Living

Do you ever try to stuff yourself into the life of someone that you know you’re not but think you should be? OfView full post »

The Definition of Artist

People often ask me how long I’ve been an artist. My standard answer is to say “7 years”, since thatView full post »

Speed Edit for “Withdrawal”

For months, maybe even years, after I started taking pictures I longed for a day when my style would be consistent.View full post »

New Underwater Photography Work

Last year I had the idea to start filming music videos, whether someone hired me or not. I thought it would be anView full post »

What Won’t Serve You

As anyone starting out in a new business, you meet people who will guide you, or attempt to. Being new at somethingView full post »

Letting Go of Creative Baggage

I felt a transition coming on. You can always feel them from miles away but sometimes you choose to ignore them, andView full post »

Creating: “The Shadows We Follow”

Sometimes change is necessary to feel refreshed, inspired, and motivated. It could be something as simple as changingView full post »

Promoting Passion Week 41: Share YOUR Story

I am sitting in our retreat house in Hawaii right now. A beautiful woman named Sheila is sitting nearby – she isView full post »