Promoting Passion Week 89: Dreamcatcher Collaboration

Promoting Passion Week 89: Dreamcatcher Collaboration

Ask anyone – I love people who love to create, no matter how that creation manifests itself. That is why I love working with Jen Brook so much. She’s got ideas and she isn’t afraid to voice them. She and I spent time in France in May this year and she asked if I would create an image for her, part of an ongoing series called Dreamcatcher in which she enlists the help of photographers to make her vision come to life.

We gathered red petals. We found the perfect bathtub. We snuck away when we should have been doing other things. But moments like that make us remember why we create in the first place. We workshopped different ways of putting the picture together, each of us giving input – a true collaboration. Her idea, my frame. Bones out, petals in, simplicity in the story.

Jen is never shy in telling me that she likes my older photos best, so we created with that in mind – keeping the space simple, the face hidden, and the emotion in the body. I adore this image for what it stands for, and I’ll definitely be exploring this style more thoroughly as I continue to create.

Have you collaborated with someone before?
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5 thoughts on “Promoting Passion Week 89: Dreamcatcher Collaboration

  1. I love how the strong red of the roses work with the pale of the bathtub. This colab was just amazing. I started photographing a little while ago and I still didn’t collaborated with anyone, but as soon as I find someone as crazy as me, I attempt to do so. I love this image, Brooke. Congratulations.

  2. Brooke Hello, I’m from Brazil and I do not know much English, I’m sorry! I’m really delighted with such creativity that I find whenever I open my social networks (facebook, instagram). I am a lover of good and complete art, and yours, my dear, is actually one of the best I have seen and met. A photograph dynamic and full of surrealism and passion, passion in his eyes, passion in the colors that you use. Images are compreendíveis by each person differently but are included in some form, ie, the best part you can bring: interaction. Thank you Brooke, for bringing a beautiful art and to me, full of love! I would love to answer me. Hugs.

  3. I would love to have a print of this photo of the red rose petals. Please send me information if I can purchase it. It’s absolutely stunning. Thank you!

  4. Wonderful photo, and post! I have only done a few book covers for my Mom, and that wasn’t a very big collaboration. 🙂

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