Last week I was in Chicago where I taught a class about storytelling and gave a lecture about “permission” and it was an absolute pleasure to be there with that group. I left feeling energized and inspired and ready to take on the world! Since I’ve been back, I really have! I’ve been making more connections with charity organizations, setting to-do lists and marking everything off, and feeling generally productive yet calm. What a way to feel. Sometimes I forget that all of that good feeling is harnessable and that sometimes it takes a mental shift. Hooray!

While in Chicago I photographed this image! I have certainly seen large key images before. I recognize the key to be a universal symbol as well as one that is easy to grab onto and create with. After all, it is timeless and beautiful and textured. What photographer wouldn’t love that?! Well, I can think of a lot, but this one does! I’ve created large key images before, but this one was special because of who I created it with.

My friend Jane Love came and modeled and she is always an inspiration, so I dedicate the finished image to her. Not to mention to all of the people I connected with. I felt like we were all unlocking things within ourselves that I hope will only go deeper as time goes on.

I wanted to share how this image was put together since it was shot for a class. This isn’t a portfolio piece, but it sure was a blast to create, and with really minimal elements, too! I created two GIFs because it was a two step process. Originally I was going to try and keep the subject on the same background she was photographed on, but decided the ground wasn’t dynamic enough (I have a thing with mowed grass) and so I moved her to a more wild looking New Zealand field.

What have you done recently that made you feel connected, inspired, or motivated?

4 thoughts on “Unlocked

  1. Hi Brooke,
    The Master piece you created above is amazing and thanks a lot for sharing the transformation GIF, your work and your creativity is much more inspiring for me then anything else.

    This is my recent work, hope you will like it,
    I am open for comments.


  2. This shade of green is just gorgeous! Love the tiny detail of the little yellow flower by her feet 😉 Keys are wonderful symbols and hold great meaning… I just worked on an image last week where I used a key. I specifically used a key as the space that I create the image was a new apartment I purchased, so using a key was both symbolic and literal 😉 PS: Let’s not forget your most epic key image… the dress of keys!!

  3. Love the photos!
    Sounds like a great class all the way around. It is always great get set into a new gear mentally. 🙂

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