White Wall Wednesday: Episode 6

White Wall Wednesday: Episode 6

I love getting to share some of my editing process. This week was super fun because I was working in a way that has a lot of wiggle room for creativity. I love changing colors especially in my images until I find just the perfect combination. I always have an idea of a color palette before I start, but there is magic in finding control in the editing room so that you can create a palette that speaks to your soul. That is how I felt during this edit.

Some of what you will see includes: changing the color of the dress (and overall), moving the subject to a different background, blending the subject, and some finishing techniques.

How does color speak to you? I never felt so in control of my editing until I learned color tweaks and color theory. To me, nothing has a bigger impact on the viewer than the color of an image.

5 thoughts on “White Wall Wednesday: Episode 6

  1. Fabulous tuorial. Loved the colour change and the way you added the shadow. I do shadows differently, but will be trying your technique out for sure. Love how you always get such fabulous images from basic set ups. Shows imagination and a touch of flair is more important that expensive props and sets.
    All the best Caz x

  2. this was amazing and very helpful, i’m so excited to use this as inspiration for a cinderella shoot i was thinking about doing
    thank you so much for sharing your vision and talents with us

  3. Wonderful video, I love your color changing technique, it always looks great!
    I haven’t had the time to try taking a photo from above, but I still plan on giving it a shot. 🙂

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