White Wall Wednesday: Episode 7

White Wall Wednesday: Episode 7

I’m very into fields lately, so I thought that for White Wall Wednesday we would dive into a more complicated shoot where I’ll be moving myself and a prop to a different background! This can be done with a sheet taped to a wall if that is what you have! I decided to use the white wall only to further the idea that you can use literally whatever you have. I had such a good time shooting this. The session started with a rope tied around my head and ended with me accidentally throwing my whole body into the wall. I ended up with a whopping 50 shots for this shoot, which is way more than usual so I had a harder time choosing the pose. As a rule I don’t like to shoot more than 10 images, and I usually stick to 3-5 as average. So this was tough for me!

What I outline in the video:

  1. Lighting for compositing.
  2. The importance of camera angle.
  3. Contrasting backgrounds.

And that will lead us into next week when we talk about the editing of this image, and all of the challenges that with some background knowledge we can work past in no time!

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If there is anything you want to know specifically about the editing of this image, let me know and I can work it into the next WWW video!


6 thoughts on “White Wall Wednesday: Episode 7

  1. Hi Brooke! I really enjoy these videos, you are my favorite inspirational artist and I have learned so much from you. Thank you for that! 🙂
    I actually made an image the same way yesterday. I was going to shoot the whole thing on location, but as I was setting up everything I suddenly got accompanied by a whole school class on a field trip. I ended up shooting the background I wanted and went home to do the rest on a white background in my living room 🙂 It’s the latest post on my facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/FotografLindaKristiansen The story behind it is in the caption there as well.

  2. I just wanted to let you know one more time how much I love your work and I really appreciate you sharing it with us. Keep up the amazing work.
    your friend in Germany,

  3. Another great video!
    As I watched this, and when you started jumping backward I was waiting for you to sit down harder than you would like to. But you stayed on your feet, which is better than I would have done. LOL It was very interesting to watch!
    When did you get the Sony? It looks a lot smaller, how do you like it?

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