New Underwater Photography Work

New Underwater Photography Work

Last year I had the idea to start filming music videos, whether someone hired me or not. I thought it would be an interesting medium to work in and since I have a film background, why not! I have shot two since then but they are still being edited, so I will share when they are finished. For my last video shoot we filmed underwater, and I grabbed a few stills while we were at it!

Shooting underwater is always wrought with challenges, but this shoot proved very simple in some regards. I rented a black bottom pool that was truly very dark, so editing the background and making the subject stand out became easy. I had an amazing model to work with, Sara Silkin, who is also a dancer and choreographer. She could move like nobody’s business under that water! And to boot, it was an overcast, rainy day in Los Angeles, so the light was wonderfully diffused.

The downside? It was COLD. That water was some of the coldest I have ever been in. Our model was turning a range of blue to purple to black, and so we could only shoot for a few minutes at a time with an hour in between to get warmed up again. It was extremely tough on my body and I definitely paid for it the next few days, but it was so worth it. I hope you enjoy the images!

Do you have a favorite?

Have you dabbled in underwater photography?


6 thoughts on “New Underwater Photography Work

  1. Hi, Brooke! All I can say is WOW! These are truly awesome and beautiful photos! I love all of them! As a photographer, I’ve never tried taking pictures underwater because I don’t like to swim, and I especially don’t like being underwater because I had two near-drowning accidents when I was a kid. However, I could swim underwater if I really had to, but it’s not something I would enjoy, so I really envy you and the ability to take pictures underwater. In addition, looking at these photos is like looking at an underwater ballet. The movements that are frozen in each image are elegant, mysterious, dark and yet graceful and beautiful. Truly awesome work and that’s one of many reasons why I enjoy following your blog! I hope you have an awesome week and please keep up the fantastic work!

  2. These are truly lovely! Those three photos would make a wonderful set of prints. 🙂
    I have never done anything under water, because I don’t have the gear for it yet. I know you have said before that you used to use a waterproof bag, and then you said something about a acrylic case. What did you use in these photos?

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