Promoting Passion Video Blog: I AM ME

I have been thinking a lot about self-portraiture and why I adore it so much. It certainly isn’t because I love being in front of a camera or because I adore the way I look. It goes far beyond our traditional standards of beauty and into the realm of self-discovery, which is so much more beautiful than what any industry can tell me. Self-portraiture is a way of putting yourself in your imagination and becoming the character of your story. It is the ability to understand your own strengths to create an impactful image. It is so much more than meets the eye. It is your own personal declaration of pride, love, and strength.

For these reasons, I am starting a project entitled “I AM ME” which makes the very clear statement that we should be proud of who we are no matter our differences. The most powerful message of self-acceptance must come from within, and if at all possible, that message should be spread far and wide.

What I ask of you is this: Create a self-portrait. It does not have to be personal, or it can be the most personal thing you have ever photographed. It does not have to be traditional, but must feature you (or part of you) in some way. Along with your self-portrait, I want you to finish this sentence with one word: “I am ________”.Β 

In the comments of this blog post I want you to share your self portrait by pasting a link and writing the sentence “I am _________”. The deadline is March 15.

It can be incredibly scary. It might be less scary than you think. It might be very difficult to push past how you see yourself to see the truth: your physical beauty is irrelevant. By not seeing yourself for the person you are (a beautiful and unique individual), you buy into the idea that there is a universal standard of beauty.

Let’s not. Let’s do something to change it. Let’s decide, all together, right now, that we can be the main character in our stories. I sincerely hope you’ll join me on this.


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