Promoting Passion Week 63: Create Your Dreams

Promoting Passion Week 63: Create Your Dreams

So far this year I have been very inspired. Even more than usual, I would say! I’ve been home a lot more than I usually am, and perhaps because of that I’ve had more time to consistently fall into a routine that makes me feel good. The result has been a lot more creating and a lot more experimentation. Just the other day I grabbed my friend and we had a fantastic time in my local sewer.

I decided to share a backward edit of the photo I am sharing today to emphasize how everything that we do begins as a small idea. It may seem impossible, it might seem like it isn’t worth finishing, and there might be people criticizing the idea or the process; but in the end, when all is said and done, it is not the finished product that means half as much as the journey. An idea stays an idea unless you see it through to the end, and in the end, people judge their lives based on how many ideas became reality.

We create our own realities based on our ideas. Dreams turn into daily life. Daily life becomes a dream. It is our responsibility to create the life we want to live. Today, go out and create.

And if you would, share what you plan on doing this week that will turn an idea into reality. I want to be inspired by your commitment to seeing it through to the end.

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  1. Brooke, this is so beautiful! I love the idea of watching your editing process backwards, too. This week I plan on helping my new dog get comfortable with my other dogs. We adopted him from the local animal shelter, and he is 10 years old. He is also heart worm positive, and because of his age he can not be treated directly for it. My goal is to help him live the rest of his life healthy and happy.

    As always, thank you for sharing your passion with us πŸ™‚

  2. Absolutely fantastic! You are always so inspiring. I have an idea for a similar image that I want to explore, I am planning to embark on a series of tarot inspired images. I am so excited!

  3. First I have to say I loved watching this from end to beginning, and the final image is amazing!!
    This is the first year that I took the leap of faith and create art full time and I have been so inspired by so many different things mainly how the past 4 years have affected me after losing my Mom, I have put my heart and soul I to a series of images and they have helped me heal so much.
    I am planning to tackle an image that I have all the photos for but I just need to figure out how to make them all come together to form the image in my mind. That is my goal this week!!
    Thanks so much again for another inspiring blog! =)

  4. I loved the video! It’s so nice when our ideas come to life. Today, I finally finished the image related to fibromyalgia. It was a nice feeling to have given life to this work. I was really happy and proud of this work. And more and more I feel comfortable to have the ideas and give them life, without fear. And yes! I already have another idea, also with butterflies and flutes. I hope to give life to this work in the next weekend. I wish you a beautiful and inspiring week. <3

  5. I am currently working on a Mermaid series. I am giving people an image of their fantasies. I put a call for wanna be mermaids and people answered! Its such wonderful work. All because I happened to tune in to your Fine Art compositing workshop on creative live one day. I had a bout of severe anxiety take over my life a few years back. While in recovery, which has taken years, I happened to watch your class. What you did, well more of what you said, totally inspired me. I’ve practiced and while I have gained my life back from crippling fear, I now have a way of making art for a living. People seem very grateful for what I do for them. Each time they show gratitude, in turn I am grateful for you and what you do. I’ve told everyone I know, Brooke Shaden is the reason I am doing what I am doing. Your work was integral to my healing. Thank you for doing what you do. I will continue to cheer you on as I know you will continue to do wonderful things for this world.

  6. I love seeing your edit backwardsβ€”it was a really a great twist for looking at things differently. I am excited cause I have developed a story based on some different Grimm’s Tales (basically writing my own) and I am going to get the chance to shoot it soon. I am gathering costumes and props and have TWO models booked. I have never worked with two models together, so it will be a new and different experience.

  7. I haven’t planned what I’m making this week yet, but I’d love to share last week’s adventures!

    This one is about a girl who can’t see or hear, except to have conversations with clouds. One day, she steals one from the sky to keep by her side as her companion.

    And this one is a story about a girl who held the whole universe inside her head, but it was too big for one person to handle. At night, creatures came and eat her dreams, but they take too much and when she wakes she has no memory.

    I had a third one too, but haven’t released it yet πŸ™‚

    I don’t know yet what I’m going to make this week – but I’m really excited to see it come to fruition. I’d love to do a part 2 of the cloud story, but I need the weather to cooperate first!

    1. Hi Jenessa! Thank you so much for your response. I absolutely loved your images and I have featured them in the “Featured Philosophy” section of this blog πŸ™‚ Xo!

  8. My goal is to get my fingers to move half as fast as those little whipper snapers! haha. I’m in a period of no inspiration, so my goal is just to watch and learn and hopefully I get motivated!

  9. Well, dear Brooke i DID start an idea last week…but did not complete it….i ended up making something else..but if i can, before thursday….i will pick it back up and attempt this fun drawing/doodle i did in my sensory book πŸ™‚ MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Your edits are becoming more and more seemless… I’m finding it harder and harder to figure out which were done on location and which were done in your sewer/porch. Definitely something I want to work on getting better at πŸ˜‰

    This week I am working on creating a studio at home. A dream slowly coming true… Still a very long way to go, but the beginnings of my studio was built this weekend. All towards the greater goal of resigning from my day job.

  11. That is so funny, because just a few weeks ago I created a picture very similar to this one. The red dress, the light and a dark background. I just posted it on my Instagram if you wanted to check it out! I would love it if you had any feedback or something, I am a starter photographer always looking for ways to grow.

    Instagram: skarpeidphotography

  12. I am sooooo glad that I found you. I think you may be one of my favorite photographers, seriously. I love your ideas, your editing, and the voice and story that you put behind it all. Thank you for inspiring me in my own photography …. and life!

  13. I feel like you’re talking directly to me after something I said last week! So, I am going to finish my image – blank wall and sheet – it’s almost finished but a sprained wrist has been keeping me from it and I can quite see where the lighting needs to go. At the very least I will get it up on behance as a work in progress, keep me accountable!

  14. Always a delight to see your latest work. I have all your creative live courses but would love a tutorial on how you created this from start to finish. I mentioned this on the FB page so sorry if you’ve already seen me asking this. I am sure people would pay or give a donation to the India project. Pretty please. x

  15. Always good to see the editing process but nice twist to see it running backwards. I plan to do a shoot soon in a derelict building of a girl who has been broken down by personal experiences

  16. Well, my plans for this weekend include updating my Etsy shop where I sell my prints because they’ve been accepted into a gallery who wants to host them in a long-term way and I need to make their (much higher!) prices reflected in my shop! Yay! It’ll be tedious work editing every single entry, but very worth it!

    Beautiful work, Brooke, as always! This is such a stunning image! You always produce gorgeous images, but this one is beyond even your very high standard πŸ™‚

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